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bottleSina sports news Mourinho for playing bottle was sent off, his opponent, West Ham manager Bilic expressed sympathy, he said that a Mourinho was angry,http://www.zxyp.com/guestbook.asp, the referee did not wrong, but Mourinho may be affected by the angle of sight did not see the problem.

then bogeba fell to the ground, the referee Moss decided to show a yellow card and diving, Mourinho believe the penalty problem, angry Tifei bottle. He said: "Pogba this time, why I feel sympathy for Mourinho, because from our perspective, does not look like diving, and Mourinho from my position very close."

Mourinho Bilic ridicule

look after the video is very clear, the referee was great, but that from our perspective, really looked like diving."

: This is

technology work Bilic also made fun of the thing Mourinho kicked the bottle. "The problem is that his foot bottle played very well, to be honest, is a beautiful shot. He was supposed to kick the ball, but he played really well."




   新浪体育讯 穆里尼奥因为踢水瓶被罚出场,他的对手、西汉姆主帅比利奇表达了同情之意,他称,那次导致穆帅发怒的判罚,裁判没判错,但穆帅可能受到视线角度问题没看清。

   当时博格巴摔倒在地,被主裁判莫斯认定假摔,并出示了黄牌,穆帅认为判罚有问题,愤怒的踢飞了水瓶,Bestellen Billig Adidas Eqt Bask Adv Onix Schuhe Im Auto Classifieds,http://www.centennialridgeapt.com/node。比利奇说:“博格巴这次,我为什么同情穆里尼奥呢,因为从我们的角度看,看上去并不像是假摔,而穆里尼奥离我的位置很近。”









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中新网4月16***电 美国有线电视新闻网((CNN)当地时间15***在其网站上就主持人卡弗蒂发表辱华言论进行辩解,称其言论是指向“中国政府而非中国人民”。


在CNN网站首页中部的“Popular News”栏目中,爱情让伊辛巴耶娃脱胎换骨 曾和霍尔金娜练体***((图)_体育频道_凤凰网,刊登了《China demands apology from Cafferty((中国要求卡弗蒂道歉)》一文。文章前三段陈述了中国外交部对卡弗蒂言论的指责及要求卡弗蒂道歉的情况,在第四段中这样说:CNN发表了一份声明称:“不论是卡弗蒂先生本人,还是CNN,都无意冒犯中国民众;在这里,我们愿向受到此言论影响的人们道歉。”




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