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  发表人邮件:tuoyubnw140697@163.com   发表时间:2018/12/25 15:37:09
    mentioned in the association of false propaganda 8848 titanium gold phone, mostly for its propaganda in the external material expression of inaccurate and fuzzy.

Association said in the article, 8848 titanium mobile phone promotion process, from the "5 titanium alloys" concept, the actual material for ordinary industrial pure titanium or titanium alloy, and the metal industry does not exist 5 series of titanium alloy is.

landing 8848 titanium mobile phone website, can clearly see that the mobile phone in the presentation, use the borders by 5 Swiss watch titanium alloy, hardness and tensile strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance is greatly improved, more durable reinforcement." Argument. The Consumers Association said that after testing, 8848 titanium gold phone ((peak version) of the back of the metal parts of the circular part of the matrix for the industrial pure titanium, the back of the metal parts with the cut part of the material equivalent to the domestic TC4 titanium alloy. The official website of the product materials obviously untrue.

titanium is not a rare precious metals, some mobile phone frame is only titanium alloy plating. 8848 titanium phone declared the use of precious titanium alloy ((official website), rare precious metal material ((store promotional materials). But the current national or industry related standards, and no rare precious metals definition. According to industry practice classification, titanium, although rare refractory metals,The Latest Mercurial Vapor XI Bhm Football Shoes,http://www.hayasoft.com/mao/cgi-bin/simple/apeboard_plus.cgi/, but does not belong to precious metals. Currently, the market is about 0.06 yuan per gram of pure titanium. Simply from the price point of view, titanium is not expensive.

official website declared that "sapphire glass, sapphire crystal glass, and the next line store promotional materials, publicity is the" Sapphire "; the official website claimed that" titanium alloy ", and the next line store publicity is" titanium".








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  发表人邮件:heijc300907@163.com   发表时间:2018/12/25 5:47:09
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  发表人邮件:guandianjvy7141@163.com   发表时间:2018/12/25 5:46:45
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更多新闻 浏览环球www.huanqiu.com







作为长期坚持反华立场的国际组织,“大赦国际”时常发布颠倒是非的报告,总局否认周继红扣奖金 指于芬损害跳水项目形象_体育频道_凤凰网,借人权、西藏等问题对中国说三道四。中国外交部发言人曾多次指责该组织对中国抱有很深的偏见,言论不具公信力。



  发表人邮件:zhf2016012@sina.com   发表时间:2018/12/24 19:31:32
    严禁落后产能输入 新疆自治区党委常委努尔兰?阿不都满金指出 中国环境报 记者谢勇 乌鲁木齐报道 新疆维吾尔自治区***前召开环境保护工作会议,瑞安电加热导热油锅炉,安排部署2010年的环保工作,自治区党委常委努尔兰?阿不都满金出席会议并讲话,要求确保污染物总量控制目标全面完成。会上各地州市签订了2010年环境保护目标责任书。 努尔兰?阿不都满金强调,要抓紧落实“十一五”结构减排项目,确保按计划淘汰关停规模小、技术落后的企业,严格禁止落后生产能力、工艺装备和产品的输入。继续抓好重点工程、重点领域节能减排工作,抓好燃煤电厂脱硫项目建设,模温机的模温作用,所有新建、改建、扩建燃煤机组必须同步建成并运行脱硫设施。 努尔兰?阿不都满金要求,继续加大以乌鲁木齐为重点的城市大气污染治理力度,加快城市污水处理设施和配套管网建设,积极推进污水再生利用,建设节水型城镇。要努力完成“十一五”总量控制任务,加大环境基础能力建设投入,硅橡胶挤出机温度控制系统,强化环境执法监管,努力遏制违法排污行为,湘潭模温机厂家,推进重点流域区域污染治理,着力解决危害群众健康的突出环境问题。 相关的主题文章:
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