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    WASHINGTON – Spc. Moonsammy Narinesammy isn’t worried about dying in Iraq.He’s worried about spending the rest of his life in Guyana.Narinesammy, 31, who has months left on his deployment, spends all of his free time between missions trying to solve his wife’s citizenship problems. Immigration and Naturalization Services officials are finalizing deportation paperwork for Ratashwarie, while she waits nervously in New York.“I don’t know if somebody is going to knock on the door one day and haul me away while my daughter is out at school,” she said.She faces possible lifetime banishment from the United States for entering the country on a forged passport in 2000. Moonsammy said the only relatives she has in Guyana lives in poor, dangerous slums, in an area where neither wants to raise their two young daughters.“All I want to do is come back home to my family, but I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Moonsammy, himself a naturalized U.S. citizen. “I have a wonderful family, but it’s getting ripped apart.”Immigration experts say it’s not an unusual story.“I probably get one of these calls a week,” said Lt. Col. Margaret Stock, an Army reservist who works with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “It’s a military readiness problem. The spouses are over there, stressing out about what’s happening back home. They can’t focus because they’re worried about where their wives will end up.”Defence Department statistics show that nearly 70,Air Max 1 Atmos For Sale,000 service members are foreign-born,Cheap Adidas Shoes, but the Pentagon doesn’t keep track of the number of troops with immigrant spouses or family members.Military support groups say it’s a sizable number, since many U.S. troops serve overseas, marry foreign spouses and adopt children from those countries.In recent years, Congress has offered an easier path to citizenship for immigrants who serve in the military, allowing them to apply for citizenship within days of enlisting ? even if they entered the country illegally.Yet laws for family members of troops haven’t kept pace. Last year, the House debated a measure, which would have offered broader protection for military spouses against deportation, including allowing some illegal resident family members of troops to seek citizenship.But the legislation did not pass the House last session, largely due to opposition from groups worried about a loosening of immigration laws. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., said she hopes to reintroduce the measure this summer.Stock said most of the issues she hears about from service members stem from violations under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. That update of immigration laws included language that prohibited waivers for immigrants seeking permanent residence on any prior offense, including illegal border crossing.‘I had documentation…’That’s why Ratashwarie is facing deportation: INS officials say they have no record of her legally entering the country in 2000, and have ordered her to produce documents proving that if she wants to stay in America.She freely admits that she can’t.“I had documentation to get into the country, but it wasn’t mine,Nike Air Max 1 Mens Shoe,” she said. “A broker gave me someone else’s passport to fly from Trinidad to Puerto Rico, and collected all of the paperwork once I got to New York.”Ratashwarie, now 27, said her family arranged for her to come to America to help pull them out of poverty, hoping she could get a better job and send money back to them.Before she left, her mother paid a hefty fee to a broker for what they thought was a legal, temporary work visa to enter the U.S.When she received the fake passport in Trinidad, she realized it wasn’t legal. By then, too much money had been invested in her trip to turn back.“The only bad thing I’ve ever done is enter this country illegally,” she said.Moonsammy Narinesammy came to New York legally from Guyana with his parents in 1992, when he was a teenager.He met Ratashwarie in 2002. She told him she wasn’t interested in short men, but his charm and persistence eventually won him a phone number and a first date.They married three years later.He decided to join the Army, as a way to support their family, became an infantryman, and eventually deployed to Iraq. Just days before his unit left in November 2006, Moonsammy finished his naturalisation paperwork and was sworn in as a U.S. citizen.“I love this country, and I love the pride of knowing that I am serving my country,” he said. “I had other jobs,2018 Nike Air Max 90 Essential, but this is different. I want to go to warrant officer school,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes, make a career out of this.”The pair had hoped that his status as a citizen would provide the protection Ratashwarie needed to eventually become a citizen herself. Stock said it’s a common mistake.“If you make a mistake filing the paperwork, or if there’s a prior problem, it doesn’t matter,” she said. “Being married to an American doesn’t guarantee anything.”By the time Moonsammy left for Iraq with the 2nd Battalion,Mens Nike Free Run, 27th Infantry Regiment last fall, the couple had already been contacted by the INS to prove she wasn’t living in the country illegally.They’ve hired several lawyers in the hope that someone can find a solution for them. Moonsammy even was sent home in April for two weeks by his unit to try to sort it out, because his superiors worried it was becoming a distraction.“But I’ve exhausted what we can do,” he said. “Now we’re just waiting to see what happens next.”Stock has not reviewed the Narinesammys’ case,2018 Nike Air Max 98, but said similar ones she’s handled usually have predictable outcomes. If the immigrant is found to have used a fake or stolen U.S. passport to get into the country, they’re banned from America for life.Ratashwarie said the passport she used was from Trinidad, although she cannot produce any documents to back that up. Stock said in some cases with foreign passports, lawyers have more leeway to argue for leniency; especially if the foreign national was duped into thinking they had proper paperwork to enter the country.But often those individuals’ still face deportation and a 10-year ban from the country before they are allowed to apply for a temporary visa again.Meanwhile, Moonsammy waits in Iraq for more information on what will happen to his wife.He said he has struggled to push the deportation threat out of his mind, but lately the thought of losing his wife has become a constant fear.“It’s real difficult to keep in a sane mood,” he said. “I’m on my second deployment. I’ve been gone for most of my kids’ lives.And this is how I’m repaid? Who will be there when I come home?


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    The topic of this thesis paper detection Abstract: dietary fiber rich pumpkin shell powder as auxiliary materials, on the basis of single factor experiment, by adding 4 factors of pumpkin shell powder biscuit production formula ((pumpkin shell powder, vegetable oil, water and sugar) two times the level of 5 rotary experimental design, and the application of fuzzy mathematics sensory evaluation of products, based on sensory evaluation results of fuzzy as the two rotation test value, two rotation through the optimization of DPS software. The test results show that the test model F-measure 8.919, P < 0.001, more than 0.01 in the level of F-measure, and lack of fit the F-measure was 1.464, less than 0.05 of the level of F-measure, the test model of R2=0.856 0, indicating that the test results and the model fitting is good, and the rotation value between independent variables the linear relationship is significant, can be used to predict the test theory. After the optimization of the biscuit making optimum parameters: pumpkin shell flour 4.13%, white sugar 23.64%,Travis Sco, amount of water 12.89%,FILA Venom, vegetable oil added 30.45%. [[] [[] classification of industrial technology > light industry and handicraft industry > > food industry; food processing industry > convenience food prepared food > [[Key words] fuzzy evaluation two rotation parameter optimization [[a pumpkin shell] "China" Journal of the 2012 eighth 98-103 page 6 [[beenincluded Chinese] scientific journal database
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天气好热,我们自己来***冰淇淋吧!特浓巧克力冰淇淋,夏季必备的清凉甜品之三,Air Jordan 11 "Concord",Nike Air V,君之烘焙博客与您齐分享. 特浓巧克力冰淇淋 (参考分量:15cm*15cm方盘一盘) 配料:黑巧克力165克,动物性鲜奶油225克,黑朗姆酒20克,蛋黄3个,黄油40克,细砂糖20克. —————————-…



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  发表人邮件:ao60519361@163.com   发表时间:2018/6/3 20:55:01

Reference News Network reported on June 7th , according to Xinhua news agency Reuters, according to internationally renowned market research firm Ipsos a worldwide survey,Nike Hyper, if only between mobile phone and computer selection, the majority of people to computer.

mobile phone minor

surveyed a total of 19271 adults, from 25 countries and regions. 65% of the respondents selected computers between mobile phones and computers. If you can choose between the phone and sex, 78% of respondents prefer to abandon the phone.

social networking has become an important part of modern life, but the survey shows that it is less important than television, and 58% of people choose between social networks and television.

Ipsos entrusted by a Reuters to carry out the survey. The survey error was between 3.1 and 4.5 percentage points.

Reuters quoted 6 Ipsos survey manager Karen · Gottfried said: "when people are forced to choose between two important things, what value is higher, what is more important is reflected."

men and women differ in

men and women need computers more than men and women, and women need mobile phones more. Compared with young people, older people are more inseparable from the computer.

39% women and 31% men surveyed preferred computers rather than computers. Among the three age groups under the age of 35, 35 to 49 and 50 to 64, the number of computers willing to give up computers was 41%, 33%, and 27%, respectively.

When chooses between television and social networks, half of the people under the age of 35 opt for the former, half for the latter, 62% for the 35 to 49 year olds, and 68% for television between the ages of 50 and 64.

chose between sex and mobile phones, 30% of women thought they could give up the former, and 13% men made the same choice.

, the subjects of the three age groups, were 23%, 19%, and 24% in favor of giving up sex choices.

varies from region to region,

respondents from different countries and regions have different preferences.

has the highest percentage of computers in computers and cell phones, followed by Germans, Brazilians, French and japanese. Their choice of computers was 80%, 78%, 77%, 74% and 73%, respectively.

chose the lowest percentage of the computers in Saudi Arabia, compared with 49%, followed by South Africans ((52%).

British respondents were willing to give up social networks, choose the highest proportion of television, to 77%. Mainland residents have the lowest choice rate of 35%.

though >

参考消息网6月7***报道 据新华社专电,国际知名市场调查机构益普索一项全球范围调查显示,如果在手机和电脑两者之间只能选择一样,多数人要电脑。







男女相比,男性更需要电脑,女性更需要手机,Nike LeBro,Nike Air Max 97 Confetti。与年轻人相比,Zapatos Ni,年长者更离不开电脑。











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