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    with the rapid development of the Internet, all kinds of investment banking app for the new generation of investors rushed to the stock market to provide a new platform for exchange, money on the fingertips of the stock market has become a new wind. The "securities" reporter learned that the average daily online investors use stock app up to 47 minutes, far more than other financial class app, Guangdong Jiangsu Shandong people love to buy financial, 80, 90 is the main force of investment app.

80, 90 into investment and financing app main force

"Dundian QQ business department, group chat market, these are out, now is the finger around the investment directly on the mobile phone." Zhang Qi,http://kb.clubessential.com/display, who lives in the central door after 90 told the securities reporter.

with the rise of a new generation of "small investors meat", the industry giants including financial services, business platform, mobile phone suppliers, such as real estate, have entered the field of Internet investment, for this piece of cake. According to statistics, currently on the market and investment related app up to thousands of models, the aurora Data Research Institute data show that currently 25% mobile phone users are using the app investment, 76% of the investment banking users to install one, there are 14% users to install 2, 10% users to install 3 or more than 3.

is different from the traditional financial investment to high net worth users, Internet Banking for the majority of small groups of investment and financing. 80, 90 for the main force of investment and financing app, age groups in the age of 25-29 using the highest proportion of investment banking app reached 32%. 30-34 years of age users accounted for 31.1%, ranked second. "This is the age into the workplace near the crowd, 80, 90 after the Internet for a long time, they have contact with fresh things, a higher degree of acceptance of Internet banking, on the other hand, this generation of people work, family is busy, the Internet convenient and personalized services to enhance user stickiness." Shanghai an Internet platform staff told the securities reporter.

average daily mobile phone stocks 47 minutes

compared to financial class app, investment class app more popular. Data show that the number of times the use of stock class app higher than other financial app, the average daily use of up to 47 minutes. Due to other types of investment and financing app is the main types of demand, regular and fund products, the investment cycle is longer than the stock, so the average number of days of concern and less time, the average daily use of time within 5 minutes.

Zhang Qi told the "securities" reporter, "to see the stock market in the unit on the computer is too loud, so I usually get the operation on a mobile phone, the trading day will definitely open to see, as for how long a day is not certain, but two times a day is unavoidable. As for other financial class app, are generally quick redemption time to see, do not pay attention to every day."

which region investors love to buy money? Data show that investment banking users are mainly distributed in Bohai, the Yangtze River delta,:







相比理财类app,投资类app更受欢迎。数据显示,使用次数方面股票类app高于其他理财app, 平均每天使用时长达到47分钟。由于其他投资理财类app主要类型是活期、定期和基金等产品,投资周期较股票长, 所以***平均关注时间和次数较少, 平均***使用时间在5分钟以内。


哪个地区的投资者最爱买理财?数据显示,投资理财用户主要分布以环渤海、长江三角洲、珠江三角洲以及东南沿海等经济发达地域为主,广东省占比13.7%最高,江苏省和山东省紧随其后,"Air Jordan 3 Triple White ((136064-111),分别占比6.9%、6.7%。河南、河北和四川三省因为人口众多,总体投资理财用户排名也较为靠前。



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    Residents of Mocha,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, East Bank Demerara are calling on the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority ((NDIA) to complete irrigation works which leads out to the entrance of Mocha and which started in September last.According to 65-year-old Lloyd Roberts of Mocha,Jerseys From China, the main irrigation channel for Mocha,Autentic Hockey Jerseys Outlet, which can be seen from the entrance of Mocha, is silted and narrow, and as such contributes to the flooding of the area when there is heavy rainfall. This especially affects the farmers in Mocha.He said that the works to clear the canal started in Barnwell North,wholesale soccer jerseys, Mocha and were stalled by materials owned by Courtney Benn Contracting Services Limited that are now on the government reserve and on the parapet of the road.“A lot of the sand and other road building materials went into the canal, and he later placed a mud barrier,Maillot Psg Pas Cher 2018, but the amount of different construction material has spread into the canal causing it to get narrower.”Adding that the canal needs to be dug for the free flow of water,NBA Jerseys From China, Roberts said the machine from the NDIA visited the canal twice to dig it but materials on the parapet of the road prevented any operation.“I called NDIA to find out what going on and they say that they give Courtney Benn Contracting Services 72 hours to remove the stuff. Those 72 hours expired three weeks ago. I speak to Raphael Gravesande and then I discussed it with the Chief Executive Officer Lionel Wordsworth on Monday and again this morning ((yesterday).” Roberts said. “The CEO told me this morning ((yesterday) that the machine gone to do some emergency work.”He said that he was told by the NDIA official that when the machine had finished digging the Northern canal the material must be removed. However,NFL Jerseys From China, that has not been done.When this newspaper tried contacting the CEO ((ag), NDIA, Lionel Wordsworth he was in a meeting, however, an email was sent to him pending a rely.


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    – as Khan proceeds on administrative leaveActing GPHC CEO,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Mr. Alan JohnsonThe leadership of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation ((GPHC) has been entrusted into the hands of Mr Alan Johnson,Jerseys Wholesale, former Chief Executive Officer ((CEO) of the New Amsterdam Hospital.According to a statement issued yesterday by the GPHC, Johnson has been appointed to act as CEO at the GPHC. “The management and staff welcome Mr Johnson and look forward to working with him.”Johnson’s appointment sees him replacing Mr Michael Khan who has been sent on administrative leave to allow for the completion of an audit of the hospital’s procurement processes.Although reports had surfaced since last week that Khan was sent off on leave, he was reportedly not informed of the decision. According to the GPHC statement,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, “GPHC hereby advises that Mr Michael Khan, Chief Executive Officer GPHC has proceeded on administrative leave with effect from September 9, 2015.”This publication was informed that Khan, who on Monday was reportedly not yet furnished with a letter informing of the decision for him to commence leave, had turned up for duty on Monday but found Johnson preparing to occupy his office.Khan had last week proceeded on sick leave during which time rumours circulated that he was already off on administrative leave.While Minister of Public Health,Maglie Milan 2018/19, Dr. George Norton, had intimated that Khan was not yet informed,Discount NFL Jerseys, he asserted that the move was imminent.This was in light of the fact that the Minister explained that “generally if we are doing an investigation, if who we are investigating might be considered to be impeding the investigation, we generally would send them on leave,Camiseta Real Madrid Champions,” asserted the Minister. Khan has not been willing to comment on the state of affairs.Reports are that ahead of the start of the audit, Minister Norton had contacted the CEO informing him of a request made by Auditor General, Mr Deodat Sharma, to conduct a forensic audit of the hospital’s procurement bond.Kaieteur News was last week told that Khan was sent on leave to facilitate an audit being conducted into the procurement and storage of medication and other medical supplies.Last November, Khan was asked to proceed on two months’ leave by the then chairman of the hospital board, Nirmal Rekha, to facilitate an investigation.However,Mens Air Jordan 3 Retro 88 White Fire Red-Cement Grey-Black 580775-160, Khan was immediately reinstated by Public Service Minister under the People’s Progressive Party Civic regime, Dr. Jennifer Westford. At the time she was performing the duties of Minister of Health.
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