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○ The Chinese Embassy in Japan issued a warning over Fukushima radiation last Sunday, causing panic in China

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Last Sunday, the Chinese Embassy in Japan issued a safety warning in reaction to this announcement,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, telling Chinese citizens to manage their travel plans to avoid potential radiation risks that may come if nuclear material leaks out into the surrounding environment.

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百灵环保网讯,为进一步提高东昌区农民科技文化素质,增加致富本领,农业局聘请吉林农业大学高级专家来东昌区为农民培训授课,为东昌区农户送上了一道道丰盛的 科技大餐 ,铝合金压铸模温机
1月18***,区农业局召集全区三个乡镇二百多名种植能手及科技示范户,在老区政府二楼会议室召开了 2016年东昌区冬春农业科技培训班 ,济宁油锅炉。在培训班上,瑞安电锅炉,由吉林农业大学园艺专业、食用菌专业、特产专业三名教授在蔬菜、食用菌、特产的病虫害防治、科学施肥、田间管理及草莓品种选择等方面,为东昌区农民***了详细讲解,并现场解答农民疑难问题30多个。培训结束后,农业局又向每位听课农民发放了最新的冲施肥和生根剂,让农民体验到最新的肥、药带来的不同效果。
此次培训班采取了 请进来 的方式,以吉林农业大学为技术依托,聘请教授来为东昌区农民进行专门授课。下步计划在春季的时候,该区将组织200名科技示范户采取 走出去 的方式,到农业发达地区考察学习,180KW导热油炉加热器价格。通过以上两种方式,将为加快东昌区社会主义新农村建设,进一步提高全区农民科技素质和种植技能,促进农村经济发展和农民增产增收起到积极地推动作用。


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    – suspect held? Two families are giving different versions of how a 25-year-old man ended up dead from stab wounds at around 19.30hrs Wednesday at Patentia,Mens OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 1 Retro White/White AQ0818-100, West Coast Demerara.Dellon Bradford, called ‘Chicken’, of Skull City, Patentia,Wholesale Shoes From China Free Shipping, died at the West Demerara Regional Hospital after collapsing on a roadway with stab wounds to the back, stomach and arm-pit.Police had earlier detained a woman and a male relative, but Kaieteur News understands that only one man is at present in custody.Branford had fathered three children, aged seven, two and one. Police sources said that an arrest warrant was out for Bradford, who had failed to return to court to answer to a robbery charge. Police sources alleged that he would secrete himself in the nearby canefields when police were in the area.According to police officials, the mother of Bradford’s children lives a short distance away from his residence,cheap nfl jerseys china, and at around 19.30 hrs on Wednesday,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, she accused him of breaking into her residence when no one was at home,Air Max Sko Norge, and making off with $200,Jerseys NFL China,000.It is alleged that Bradford punched her after she confronted him with the allegation.Some of the woman’s relatives reportedly then stabbed him.But Bradford’s relatives allege that the woman’s relatives attacked him after the couple had an altercation over her drinking.They claimed that Bradford’s reputed wife was drinking at a house a short distance from his residence, when he asked her to come home and look at the children. When she refused,Wholesale Jerseys From China, he reportedly slapped her. It was then that the woman’s relatives stabbed Bradford.Some of Bradford’s associates said that the wounded man ran towards them. He reportedly said “you see what they do to me?” he then collapsed.The friends then rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed.


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    – Goya Foods interested in local presenceThe local coconut industry is booming, with a major US-based food company negotiating to come to Guyana.Renewed interest in the industry last year saw an unprecedented surge in exports with businesses and authorities saying that an estimated 50 containers are leaving Guyana monthly mainly for the Dominican Republic, US and Canada. By far, Dominican Republic is the largest purchaser and the Europe market is now being eyed.On Saturday,Cheap Jerseys Fast Shipping, a spokesperson for Pomeroon Oil Mills confirmed that the company is concentrating on the exports for now as price for coconut oil has dipped.US-based companya, Goya Foods, is in talks with the Guyana government to enter the coconut industry.But there is huge confidence in the coconut water and the dry nuts for copra. Other pharmaceutical uses have been identified and these have spurred many locals to now revive abandoned farms.Pharmaceutical companies have found the extracts of one of nature’s most blessed fruit to contain a valuable base for cream and other beauty products.Pomeroon Oil Mills alone is currently exporting about six of the 40-foot containers, weekly. With its farms in the Pomeroon area, the company is by far the largest exporter in Guyana.Last year October, Guyana shipped almost 900 tonnes of coconut to Caribbean territories, earning $50M. This was compared to a miserly 200 tonnes for the entire 2008.According to General Manager of the New Guyana Marketing Corporation ((New GMC), Nizam Hassan, the exported coconuts were used by Trinidad, Antigua and Dominican Republic to make canned coconut milk, copra and other value-added products.According to Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud,Nike Air Max Ale, Goya Foods,Arsenal Fc New Kit 18/19, a major US-based company,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, wants to tap into the industry, especially with coconut water. A team from the food giant was here recently and more than likely, a deal will be made.Goya boasts a host of products ranging from condiments, pantry items, to beverages and frozen foods from all of Latin America. In 2005, Goya added more than 400 new products alone, reaching a milestone of more than 1,500 product offerings and distributed brands, and further solidifying its position as the definitive connection to Latin American cuisine.The company also boasts tinned coconut water.“As you are aware, we have the Coconut Revitalisation Plan that is being aggressively pushed. There were myths about the negative impacts of coconuts and its by-products and these are in fact just that- myths.”However, exporting the dry or water coconuts is not just what the government intends to do to fully develop the industry.“We are not just looking at the primary exports. The idea is to develop the value-added element as there are much more benefits to be derived.”A company from India is also interested, the Minister has said.Last year, the industry, after a decline for years, saw a major turnaround with rapid growth being recorded in terms of exports and interest in investments as a number of overseas markets attempt to corner the Guyana supply.But it would not be an easy road for Guyana if the country intends to become a major player in the growing industry.Many of the trees are too old and aspects of the agronomy need to be improved significantly to allow for more competitiveness.According to Director of the National Agricultural Research Institute ((NARI), Oudho Homenauth, his department, which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture, is working closely with stakeholders.In the Essequibo Islands, large tracts of lands have already been selected to farm coconut trees and there are moves to introduce other cash crops along with the current ones.Government has gone ahead and ordered a coconut de-husker that is capable of reducing down days of delay due to the current manual process used by some coconut farmers, Homenauth said.Getting manual labour is a huge challenge within the industry.Earlier this year, the Minister had challenged the private sector to invest in bottling coconut water. The call was made during a workshop on “Best Practices for Harvesting, Post Harvest Handling and Processing of Coconut Water in Guyana.”An estimated 50 containers of coconuts are exported monthly from Guyana as demand overseas rise. Researchers, senior scientists, agro-processors and farmers were present at the workshop held at the Guyana School of Agriculture, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.According to the Minister,Arsenal Fc Away Kit, from the 1970s the coconut industry went into a steady decline as many believed that coconuts contributed to high cholesterol, a belief that is the furthest thing from the truth.However, in the early part of the last decade, the interest picked up and Pomeroon Oil Mills in Charity was evidence of the confidence that that industry was rebounding.Within the last three years,Air Max 90 Comprar Baratas, interest has risen to an extent that there is a huge demand and a fear that there may not be enough to supply a ready market, both local and overseas.According to Persaud,mlb jerseys china, Guyana should be paying more attention to adding value like the bottling of coconut water. It is estimated that the country loses out about 70 per cent of what it should really get if the industry is fully tapped into.The Minister disclosed that within the last two years, the industry has seen growth in the value added sector.However, there is an urgent need to improve on the supply aspect and estate owners and farmers will have to capitalise on training and using technologies to meet targets, the Minister said.The Ministry has earmarked $4M for a processing plant at the Hope Estate. To this end, the Minister said, stakeholders should capitalise and make full use of it.There is a need also for the local businesses to fully invest.To further the initiative, which is being supported by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, consultants were in the country since December to examine the coconut industry.


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    By Ralph SeeramThis confounded nonsense has to stop. This is not ‘eye pass’ this is ‘r**s pass’, Caribbean Airlines and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago need to understand that we Guyanese will not take any more. We are fed up and will not take it anymore; we are making a stand from today. You treat us with respect and dignity or we will boycott your airline when we can, and all Trini manufactured goods.I have just returned from Guyana more stressed than when I left Florida, and all because of this uncaring and unfriendly airline. This is the worst airline when it comes to customer service. On my return flight I picked up the Caribbean Airlines in flight magazine Caribbean Beat September/October issue. In a message to its travelers there is this line, “Your business continues to mean a lot to us and we want to hear your views about our service and how we can better serve you…”Well since you ask for my views, can you handle the truth? Your airline ‘sucks’. If I can avoid your airline I will, and I am exploring this option. My unpleasant journey started at Miami Airport last week with the check in when some baggage handler keep arguing about a few pounds overweight in my carry-on bag.“Your bag is overweight”“So is the guy next to me, he weights over 250 pounds; I am only 125 pounds. He is taking 125 pounds more than me on the plane. He gets a pass and I have to pay for a few pounds over weight”“You are only allowed 22 pounds”“Sounds like the weight of the empty carry on bag” I replied, actually the case weighs about eight pounds, so what can you put for 14 pounds. Guyanese do not go to Guyana with an empty suitcase, if you know what I mean.Having resolved that issue, the boarding pass was issued. Now when I booked my ticket,Cheap Manchester City Soccer Jerseys, the same plane should take me to Cheddi Jagan International Airport with a stop in Trinidad. I carefully noted that if I deplaned in Trinidad and take a later flight leaving12.15 am the fare would have been cheaper.My flight was due to arrive in Guyana around 9.30 pm; our flight arrived on time in Trinidad around 7 pm, so far so good. That’s when the nightmare started.“We know that your experience with us today will encourage you to spread the word to your family and friends to fly with Caribbean Airlines…” the article went on. Well as I stated early in the column, do not fly Caribbean if you can help it,Jerseys Wholesale, and here is the experience.Having arrived in Trinidad, Caribbean Airlines kicked us Guyana-bound passengers off the plane and told us to meet the gate personnel who took us to an elevator and told us that a plane will take us to Guyana shortly.She left us there and from then it was “the blind leading the blind”. Do we go through customs and immigration? No. We have no boarding pass to come back. Where is the in transit desk? Are we going to an in transit area? Do we have to go through security again? No. Caribbean Airlines personnel will guide you. Finally we went to an in transit desk, who directed us through security again overweight carry on and all. “You will leave for Guyana shortly,” she assured us.Trini idea of shortly is way different from mine, so we wait. An hour passes and we wait; no word when is ‘shortly’. Two hours pass and we wait. ‘Shortly’ is turning to ‘longly’,Air Max Outlet Online Italia, it’s now 10 pm. “Shortly is going on three hours.”By now the airline has kept me captive for seven hours that the four and a quarter ounce “dinner” has long gone. Let me tell you Caribbean Airline idea of a “dinner”. A 3oz turkey sandwich, a ? oz bag of chip and a ? oz cookie for a grand total of 4 ?? oz. And for over US$600. You would think they could give you a much better meal like the old BWIA used to give.I finally confronted an employee at the check in counter. “When are we leaving for Guyana? What time are we leaving?” I demanded.“10.45pm,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys,” she replied.“Its now 10.20pm. Where is the plane? I don’t see a plane at the gate.”“The plane is on its way from JFK.”“What nonsense you are telling me. There is no plane here but we are leaving in 25 minutes,” I replied. Apparently the airline did not train them to lie properly; you need to improve on that aspect of your training, Caribbean Airline.To make a “long story short” there were passengers at Piarco airport in Trinidad and JFK in New York for two days, so they dumped us and sent the plane to NY. They could have got some sympathy from me if they had explained this situation earlier. They knew this since we left Miami because they were issuing two tickets to passengers who checked in later; one to Trinidad and one for the Guyana.Had they informed us we could have informed families not to go and wait at Cheddi Jagan as scheduled. Instead, passengers had to make expensive phone calls on their cell phones. Caribbean Airline kept this deception to the very end to make fools of the Guyanese passengers.On arrival at Trinidad they asked all Trinidad bound passengers to deplane, so we are thinking we are staying on board, then as an after thought they asked all Guyanese passengers to deplane. By 10.30 pm I needed some “hot salt food”. There was none to be found in the section we were in. I spotted a booth named the Trini Shop. At last, I thought, some food. The only “salt food” was some roti in a refrigerator, so I asked the clerk where is the micro wave, to which she replied there was none. “Who eats cold roti?” I enquired “Trini? I never heard of eating roti cold out of a refrigerator.While this was happening in Trinidad my fellow Guyanese was protesting at JFK in New York about the way they were being discriminated against. This is the time we Guyanese must make a stand. Forget the politicians. Tourist Minister Manniram Prashad making speeches to the media is not getting it done; President Jagdeo talking to Kamla is not getting any action. The Trinidad and Tobago owners of the airline, by their inaction are complicit with this treatment to Guyanese.We Guyanese in the Diaspora and home have to take action. I am calling on the more than 100,000 online readers of Kaieteur News as all in the Diaspora and home to BOYCOTT CARIBBEAN AIRLINES? if you are in a position to do so. STOP BUYING ALL MANUFACTURED GOODS MADE IN TRINIDAD. You have to hit them where it hurts, in their “pocket books”. Only then will you get their attention. I will be asking Caribbean Airline for a partial refund as well as taking this matter to the FAA.I have noticed that the office of the T&T Prime Minister website is under construction, so send your emails to Caribbean Airlines at [[email protected], Trinidad Civil Aviation Authority at [[email protected] and to Trinidad Ministry of trade [[email protected] .Tell them that Guyanese will not take it anymore, we want to be treated with respect, and we will boycott you until such time. When we are in transit we do not want to come off the plane, we do not want to go through the hassle of security again, in transit must mean in transit, go ahead folks flood their website with protest. It is the only way we the Guyanese travelers will get their attention,Camiseta Real Madrid Tienda, remember when you go to Caribbean store in the Diaspora do not buy Trini manufactured goods, same for you home, we have better rum,Neues Bayern Trikot 2018/19, beer and soda anyhow,NFL Jerseys From China, and Venezuela oil and gas is cheaper anyway.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [[email protected]


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    He’s the creator of the Caribbean’s first comic-book super-hero. His supernatural comic book-turned-play was staged at Carifesta X. He’s an artist and writer bursting with ideas, but yet, after decades of laboring in the creative trenches, Barrington Braithwaite is still struggling to make a more than modest living from his talents.Barrington BraithwaitePut that down,Man Utd New Kit 2018/19, in part, to being in an environment that is increasingly giving creativity small shrift.Braithwaite spent his formative years on the East Coast of Demerara with his god-parents and also in West Ruimveldt with a great-aunt. He considers the time he stayed on the East Coast of Demerara as playing a major role in introducing him to books and art.He was aware of his artistic talents at an early age. This was fuelled by the fact that his god-parents’ house had numerous books,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, like the Nelson Reader series, which Barrington recalled, contained “a lot of work of prominent artists, and great illustrations.”“I remember two illustrations in particular: The death of Hector, and the destruction of Port Royal.”Back then,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, too, like many boys, he was engrossed in comic books.“I was always the school artist. I was doing ((creating) 12-page comic books. We were exchanging comic books, we were gripped by the comic book industry. People followed Garth ((a comic strip in the local papers). When you went to the waterfront, where I once worked, everyone had a novel in his back pocket.”Around 1979, his collection of poetry “Voyage” Book of Verse,” was published by the Ministry of Education’s special programme that encouraged the publication of local work.“Contrary to what the Minister of Culture ((Dr. Anthony) told me, that the Caribbean Press doesn’t pay writers, I was paid $1,700 ((back then), which was a lot of money.” He used part of this sum to purchase equipment for his artwork.Around 1981, the Guyana Chronicle published Braithwaite’s supernatural comic strip ‘The Shrouded Legacy’. It was gleaned from legends his father’s Bartica-based relatives had told him.“The Chronicle ((back then) led the way in encouraging artistic talent.”An illustration from the Silk Cotton TreeBasically a self-taught artist, he confesses that back then, his illustrations for the project were not up to professional standards.“The artwork was lousy. I realised that I needed to master basic anatomy, basic techniques. I dedicated myself to mastering these techniques, using friends as models. They were reluctant models,Authentic Jerseys Store, since they had to sit for long periods and allow me to correct mistakes.”BIRTH OF THE ‘JAGUAR’ SERIESKey to his development as an artist and writer was a stint as a scientific illustrator with renowned Guyanese archeologist, artist and writer Dr. Denis Williams, now deceased. It was during that time that his super-hero ‘The Jaguar’ was born.“The Jaguar came into being when I was at an archeological site in the North West. These two kids came from Barima and they told a strange story about their grandfather, who would turn into a jaguar and go hunting. I was smiling, and then I realised that I was the only person smiling; the citizens were taking it seriously. Then Dr. Denis Williams told me about the ‘leopard men’ of Sierra Leone ((who allegedly dressed in leopard skins) and the idea ((about the Jaguar) started to develop.“Incidentally, at the time I was working on something else called ‘The Spear of Redemption’ ((based on legends and events of World War Two), but Dr. Williams said ‘you have about 20 years more before you can write this. I was going at something that I had no idea about.“Denis Williams taught me to protect myself as an artist. He taught me about copyright, of which I had no idea. Without the knowledge about copyright, an artist can live a very uncomfortable life, because there are unscrupulous people out there.”‘The hero of the ‘Jaguar’ is an ex-soldier who becomes a ((non smoking) Rastafarian. While working in the interior, drug dealers shoot him, throw him into a river and abduct his woman.However, he’s resurrected by inhabitants of the fabled city of El Dorado,Cheap NFL Gear, and is reborn with extraordinary powers.The Jaguar trilogy was printed by the Guyana National Printers Limited. Braithwaite recalled that while many enjoyed the series, “some people did not like the idea that he was a Rastafarian.”“The people who made a real profit ((from the series) were the traders,Air Max 1 Scontate, who were buying the Jaguar ((comic books) for twelve ((Guyana) dollars and selling them back ((overseas) for $14 Bds.”Braithwaite’s super-hero: The JaguarThe Jaguar was also made into a play by renowned UK-based Guyanese actor Norman Beaton ((now deceased), and was staged at the National Cultural Culture Centre. Braithwaite believes that Beaton’s sudden death prevented The Jaguar from reaching the screen, like his super-hero counterparts overseas.But another major creative venture yielded success as well as bitter lessons.That venture was the publishing ‘The Silk Cotton Tree’, a supernatural story in comic book form. “There have been several things that have happened to people near to silk cotton trees. The silk cotton tree is sacred to the Amerindians, Africans and the Mayans. I used a silk cotton tree ((recently cut down) near St. Phillips as a model.”For this venture, Braithwaite opted to have his books printed in Trinidad. It was only after the publishers had printed the first series that the Guyanese artist realised that the printing cost was in US currency and not Trinidad currency as he had assumed.The project was such a huge financial loss that the entire series was never printed. That put me out of business for a couple of years.”But, encouraged by Dr. Paloma Mohamed, he managed to complete the series as a play, and The Legend of the Silk Cotton Tree was staged at Carifesta X.Braithwaite has found the local business sector to be far from receptive when it comes to investing in creative writers, even when these businesses can afford it. According to him, he has approached major firms and the banking sector for assistance, only to be turned down. “They are not interested; they are more interested if you have a barbeque.”Sadly, he also says that the present Government is equally indifferent to its creative people.“In other countries artists get grants. I almost got a grant in the US but I was not a citizen.”One major sore point is Government’s apparent lax attitude to copyright.“People’s music is being played on television and the guys are not receiving royalties for it. I have had to send letters to people for lifting my artwork and using it.“You have people and sports persons who are sleeping at Parade Ground. There is one former popular singer who lives in a rest house. There is no net to catch you when you fall through the social cracks, and musicians and artists suffer the most.”For Braithwaite, who is fully self-employed ((he has a small advertising service) and has a family to upkeep, it’s an uphill struggle.But shelving his creative dreams has never been an option.At present, he is working on a play entitled Eighteen Twenty-Three,Cheap Jerseys From China, while also keeping his advertising business going.“I have never felt like giving up. Creativity propels you; you don’t propel it. Regardless of what the tribe thought, artists were painting in the caves, they didn’t stop.”
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