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    By Leon SuseranThe Parish Pastoral Council of the Roman Catholic Church of the Ascension in New Amsterdam in a strongly- worded statement had added its full support to the people at Linden.“We recognise your plight and the unfortunate response by the Guyana Police Force which resulted in the death of three individuals. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of the deceased. We stand with you in your quest for justice,” said a statement which was signed by parish priest, Monsignor Terrence Montrose.The Council expressed surprise that the Government was aware that Lindeners were going on strike “yet there was no effort on the part of the Government to resolve this matter at the early stages before it escalated into a major tragedy involving the loss of lives.”The lack of proper information on these developments resulted in many people in other parts of the country being completely misinformed about the real issues. “The people of Linden are willing to pay phased increases in electricity rates but subject to gradual improvement in the economics of their community which is in a state of continued decline,” the statement mentioned.“It is not the billions that is spent by the Government but the opportunities that are derived from these investments that impact on the daily lives of the people…. Now it appears that with the T&T Pathologist findings,Discount Air Max 720, some trained person was planted in the crowd with instructions to kill; how else could one interpret this? It is for this reason that the Commission of Inquiry should have independent members with unquestionable integrity,Nike Air Max 90 Goedkoop Nederland,” it noted.The Council stated that government is fully aware of the economic circumstances in Linden,mlb jerseys china, with unemployment at 70 per cent and it is unbelievable at this time the government will impose increases. “We are therefore calling on the government not only to put the tariff on hold but also to identify experts and not cronies to do a review of a tariff structure to ensure that it does not include exorbitant profits.”“The price should reflect the actual cost of generating electricity since Bosai’s main business is bauxite production, not generation of electricity for resale. If Bosai prides itself as a responsible corporate citizen,Cristiano Ronaldo Maglia Juve Originale, it would certainly sell its electricity at prices to recover its cost only since most of its labour supply is drawn from Linden.”Monsignor Rev Terrence MontroseThe statement mentioned, too, some recommendations that government should take into consideration to offer opportunities for expansion of businesses, development of new businesses and creation of job opportunities, especially for young people in Linden.The “practical, and not cosmetic measures” include: low interest loans for start-up businesses; training; exemption from taxation for five years on all new enterprises; diversification of the local economy; encouraging foreign investors to invest a portion of their profits in the development of the community; and less political involvement in business opportunities.”“We are looking for leadership from the opposition parties in helping all Guyana to address this tragedy as we believe that the Opposition parties are not doing enough for the people of Guyana. We need a coordinated approach that will encourage all Guyanese to come out in support of the people of Linden and send a strong signal to the Government that ‘band- aid’ solutions cannot work, only well- conceived programmes that will make a difference to the lives of all Guyanese”.Likewise, the statement added,Camisetas Del Barcelona, Lindeners should protest within the laws and boundaries and the protests should be peaceful, not alarming and preventing others from going about their businesses. “Our hope is that a quick solution is arrived at to address the problems before it gets more out of hand.”“We as Christians are calling on Guyanese to remain calm while helping the struggle. More importantly, Guyanese should not get involved in the destruction of property, looting of stores or killing or injuring innocent people as these actions will only divide us as a people. Our mission is to work together for the collective good of all our brothers and sisters,nba jerseys discount,” the statement ended.


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中国环境报记者张东风 通讯员黄昌华 唐春保长沙报道


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    – aimed at coverage of women’s and children’s issues. By Crystal Conway On Wednesday last Dr. Suleiman Braimoh, UNICEF Country Representative to Guyana announced that UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security will be launching a media award here in Guyana for the coverage of women and children’s issues.Dr. Braimoh spoke of the fact that most children in any given society are still cultivating the art of expressing themselves. Meanwhile,Maglia Juventus Originale 2019, most adults tend to operate and link with children in such a way that children do not know what they are talking about. He posited that the media needed to operate at the point where those two seemingly parallel lines meet.He went on to say that, “Children do have voices and ideas,Maglietta Juventus Bambino, indeed many good ideas. The bottom line is how we can translate those ideas from mere ‘children’s ideas’ to mainstream ideas that can help propel society forward?”Dr. Braimoh answered his question himself, “One way to do that is to ensure that media practitioners and all their partners ? UNICEF, Government and other segments of civil society operate in such a way that members of the media are fully conscious of and always seek to move forward with ideas on how to actualize children’s ideas.”“It is in that context that UNICEF, in partnership with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security,Camiseta Atletico De Madrid Ni?o, are looking into this whole new area of media awards with respect to reporting on children and women’s issues. We do not intend as agencies of Government or as agencies of the United Nations to impose some criteria under which members of the media will work. Rather we intend to facilitate the context in which members of the media will look at their own challenges and be able to focus much more on women’s and children’s issues.”Dr. Braimoh announced, as what he called, ‘our modest contribution to that effort’,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, the setting up of a media award that will focus specifically on coverage about children and women in Guyana. He said, “The issue is not just to report about children, the issue is to report in such a way that the children themselves are reflected in what we’re reporting.”He went on to say, “I will look forward to partnering with the Ministry,Authentic Nike NFL Gear, the Guyana Press Association and all relevant stakeholders to hammer out the framework and details of this award. I certainly believe that we will be able to handle it in such a way that it achieves its most desired goals. It’s been done before; others have done it,Cheap NFL Jerseys, so there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t do it.”There is precedent for the award that UNICEF is attempting to introduce to Guyana. In 2008 the organization launched the UNICEF Regional Media Awards on Child Rights in the Middle East. The award focuses on journalistic works originating from the MENA ((Middle East ?North Africa) region on issues in surrounding the rights of children. It celebrates the efforts of media practitioners who take a special interest in children’s issues and relay them to the public.Every year a new theme is decided upon by the Media Forum ? this year’s theme is Child Rights. It was chosen in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The UNICEF Awards for the MENA Region will also include a new photography category this year in addition to the already existing ones of television, radio, print and electronic media.The selection criteria for the award take into account the relevance and significance of the chosen topic, the quality and originality of the journalistic approach as well as the depth and accuracy of any investigative work involved. Objectivity and impartiality as well as the potential positive impact of the piece are also considerations that will be made by the judges. Solution-oriented pieces are also looked upon favorably in the judging process. The submissions are also judged on the basis of the standard of journalism involved. These include clarity of expression, accuracy, fairness and strict observance of ethical guidelines in reporting on children’s issues as well as respecting the Convention on the Rights of the Child.These last two are well documented and are quoted as part of the guidelines journalists may use when reporting on women’s and children issues. One cited publication being the ‘Guidelines for Journalists and Media Professionals ? Child Rights and the Media: Putting Children in the Right’ which was published by the International Federation of Journalists with support by the European Commission.


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    …as Essequibo Coast boast a 100 per cent proportion ?An ambitious target has been set by the Government through its Ministry of Education to realise a 70 per cent proportion of trained teachers in the public education system by next year.This aim was highlighted in the Government’s 2012 Mid-year Report which states that “under the Education Strategic Plan, the major objective of the Cyril Potter College of Education ((CPCE) is to increase the number of trained teachers… by 2013, and to upgrade the knowledge and competence of teachers in their specialised areas at the secondary level.”The college,NFL Jerseys From China, according to the Report, currently has 864 students pursuing the Associate Degree in Education Programme ((ADE) and 910 students under the Trained Teacher Certificate programme.Of this number, 366 trainees are expected to graduate from the ADE in November while 600 are set to graduate from the Trained Teacher Certificate programme next year.It was just last week, during the Ministry of Education National Awards Ceremony, that Education Minister Priya Manickchand revealed that Government’s effort to train teachers from across the country has yielded noticeable improvements in the various examination results.She said that the Essequibo Coast, from where the Region’s top Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination ((CSEC) performer ((Sarah Hakh) was drawn, currently has 100 per cent trained teachers. This the Minister attributed to the fact that an arm of the college has been established there “so that the young men and women,Discount Nike NFL Jerseys, who want to become teachers,Maglie Serie a 2018/19, can be trained right at home rather than having to come to Georgetown.”This development,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the Minister said, amplifies the Ministry’s plan to ensure that there is equity in the delivery of education, a move she insisted will be sustained by Government in all areas that make up the social sector.According to the Mid-year Report “universal secondary education, literacy and improved performance in core subject areas remain top priorities to this Government.” To this end, it added that the Education Ministry had implemented a strategic initiative which targeted 36 schools countrywide as part of a pilot to improve performances in both Mathematics and English at the CSEC examination.That intervention, it was noted, is awaiting the completion of an evaluation in order to determine its effectiveness although preliminary indications are that the programme was successful.The Education Ministry has also been spearheading programmes in the areas of information and communication technology ((ICT) which saw 46 training courses being completed in the regions with 1,150 teachers being trained.Another 26 training sessions were conducted at the National Centre for Education Resource Development ((NCERD) where 24 lecturers from CPCE and the University of Guyana and 20 from the Hinterland were trained.Additionally, the ICT-based Success Maker programme has been installed in 70 primary schools exceeding the targeted amount of 60, the Report notes. A total of 400 teachers were trained to use the software.Moreover,Maillot Psg 2019 Pas Cher, there are 110 secondary schools countrywide of which 79 have Information Technology ((IT) laboratories. In this year 16 new secondary school IT laboratories are slated to be constructed along with 17 new primary school laboratories, while 16 existing secondary IT laboratories will be extended. These works,Stitched Jerseys, according to the Report, are at the stage of advertisement for tenders.In addition it was highlighted that Government will continue to invest in the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of education facilities countrywide for which works are expected to commence before year end.


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    污染者头上又悬把剑 蓝藻事件催生环保审判庭 肖承森绘 5月6***,一块“环境保护审判庭”的牌子在江苏无锡市中级法院正式挂出,滨湖、宜兴等法院也成立环保合议庭。此时,距2007年太湖蓝藻暴发事件刚好1年。 尤其引人关注的是,作为“第一个吃螃蟹”的无锡中院,首次把环保公益诉讼的大门向环保组织打开。 “一些环境污染的受害者处于社会底层,缺乏伸张利益的能力。我们探索启动环保公益诉讼,将最大限度地保护生态环境和公众合法权益。”无锡中院院长褚红军说。 蓝藻事件催生环保审判庭 当天立案、无假***审案、24小时全天候执行 6***上午,无锡滨湖区法院把“封条”贴在了镇南海云浴场的燃煤锅炉上。这台新增锅炉,未经环保部门审批就被擅自投入使用;同区的天地快餐经营部也吃了道“封条”:搬迁后,生产经营产生的废水未经有效处理就直接排放,主要污染物超标近6倍…… 当***立案、当***执行,环保审判庭挂牌当天,无锡全市法院就执结了4件非诉环保执行案。 褚红军介绍,环保审判庭有4项承诺:立案当***制。直接审查环保案件起诉,符合条件的当天立案,确保立案方便快捷;审案全***志。取证、保全、开庭等实行无假***制度,快审快结;执行全时制。24小时全天候执行,穷尽执行手段,非诉环保行政执行提前介入;服务全方位。实行刑事、民事、行政、执行“四合一”模式,并提供法律咨询、法律援助等全面服务。 采访无锡,环保是个热点。过去3年,无锡市两级法院受理各类涉环保诉讼18件、行政非诉审查案273件、执行类案件104件。快速凝聚发展成就的同时,这里的人民也深刻感受到环境污染的切肤之痛。 无锡市委常委、政法委书记戴解平表示,经历了去年那场太湖蓝藻引发的“水生态危机”之后,无锡对环保空前重视。为了“让太湖重现碧波美景”,运城导热油炉加热器,市委、市政府举全市之力治理太湖、保护水源。 “蓝藻事件,也直接催生了环保审判庭。”褚红军说。 去年太湖蓝藻事件后,法院实行司法保障生态环境战略,建立处理涉污案件规范立案、强化调解、高效裁判和非诉行政执行的“治污一条龙”审判机制,促进770家规模以下化工企业实施停产、整改或转产,没有发生群体性事件和社会不稳定情况。 无锡“铁腕治污”的大环境,让无锡中院成立环保审判庭的申请一路绿灯。 在有着环保情结的褚红军眼里,“每个公民都来保护环境,环保事业才有希望。”看到水龙头滴水,他一定过去拧紧;塑料袋不环保,他已3年提篮子买菜,不用一个塑料袋……“我们设置环保审判庭,就是要传达这样一种信号:鼓励公众参与环保。” 公益诉讼向环保组织敞开 成为污染者头上的一把“悬剑”,促进行政机关加紧履行环保职责 无锡中院设立环保审判庭,公益诉讼首次向环保组织“开门”,被专家认为将是“最有影响的一步”。 此前,贵阳市中院于2007年11月在全国法院首设环保审判庭,但公益组织被排除了公益诉讼的原告资格。而无锡中院则大大扩展了环保公益诉讼的主体资格:不但包括各级检察机关、各级环保行政职能部门,而且纳入了环境保护社团组织、居民社区物业管理部门。 “让环保组织有公益诉权,环保界已呼吁了多年。无锡将公益环保诉讼的大门向环保组织打开,给立法和司法实践都带了个好头!”中国政法大学教授王灿发说。 《环境保护法》第六条明确规定:一切单位和个人都有保护环境的义务,并有权对污染和破坏环境的单位和个人进行检举和控告。 王灿发认为,“控告”就是一种诉权。无锡的***法是顺应民心之举。 王灿发表示,明确环保公益诉讼,尤其是环保组织有权起诉,将成为污染者头上的一把“悬剑”,即使引而不发,上饶导热油电加热器,同样威慑巨大??污染者不敢妄为,因为随时都有千千万万双眼睛“盯”着;行政机关也会加紧履行环保职责,不敢懈怠。 但也有人担心,这样会导致诉权滥用。 王灿发说,即使是在爱打官司的国外,实行公益诉讼后也并未带来诉讼潮。为防止滥诉,我们还可以进一步完善公益诉讼的条件和程序,比如美国的环保公益诉讼就设置了“60***告知期”的前置程序。环保组织等需在起诉前60天通知污染企业,要求其履行法律义务,并告知其否则将会起诉。 环境问题举报逐年递增 专家建议在全国中院普遍设立环保审判庭 据国家环保总局统计,2002年至2006年因环境问题的举报平均增长率约为87%,但与此形成鲜明对比的是,环境诉讼案件数量并未出现相应的增长,衡水低温冷水机,2004年审结环境污染损害赔偿案件4453件,2005年只有1545件,2006年略有上升,但也仅有2146件。 今年全国人代会期间,全国人大代表、湖北省高级法院副院长吕忠梅建议:我国应在中级法院设立环境审判庭。 她对媒体表示,长期以来,环境案件由普通法庭审理。此类案件,往往涉及受害人较多、牵涉到地方利税大户、法官环境知识欠缺、受害人举证难等,导致审理困难。成立专门的环境审判庭,是国际上许多国家的通行***法。 同样的建议,作为北京市人大代表的王灿发教授等也在力倡。 打开环保公益诉讼的大门,当地的发展无疑将会承受更大的压力。但褚红军认为,我们不能只顾发展,而忘了发展的终极目标:让人民过上蓝天碧水的好***子。“作为人民法院,应当为无锡科学治污、保护太湖、建设生态文明,提供有力的司法保障。” “设立环保审判庭,颇有现实意义。”褚红军认为至少有三层:有助于排除地方保护主义,提高公正力;进一步唤醒民众依法保护生态环境的法律意识,让违法者得到及时惩处;整合优化审判资源,扩大司法服务的功能,秦皇岛导热油炉加热器,加大执法力度。 “无锡和贵阳走出了一条司法环境保护的新路。”王灿发期待:从目前环保案件的数量来看,可以仿照知识产权案件管辖的设置,在各中级法院普遍设立环保审判庭。 相关的主题文章:


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    This photo was taken a few weeks ago at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara where construction is in full swing for a number of homes for government officials. There have been questions whether the state-owned lands were sold in a fair and transparent manner.* matter addressed already, says Irfaan*AFC: the public has the right to knowAmidst questions over ongoing construction at what seems to be an exclusive housing scheme at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara, a government official has said that issue has been addressed in the media already and that the transaction was done according to established procedures.There have been questions whether a large piece of land located behind the Sparendaam Police Station, next to the East Coast Demerara seawall was distributed in a fair and transparent manner.The land formerly housed a transmitter belonging to the National Communications Network which has since been relocated to Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.The land was sold in pieces to several government officials, including President Bharrat Jagdeo, Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, and the army chief, Commodore Gary Best.Kaieteur News had emailed questions of the land transaction to Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali. Yesterday, when contacted, the Minister said that matter was ventilated in the press already and he had nothing more to say.Over a week ago, the Minister had written to Stabroek News following a news report which accused him of berating a reporter in the Parliament after the reporter had asked questions of the Minister.According to Ali, his Ministry follows a clearly defined and well-documented process in land allocation.“The process was no different in the case of the East Coast Demerara housing development at Plaisance. The CH&PA ((Central Housing and Planning Authority) has elaborated several mechanisms which include Public/Private partnerships, high income development, middle income development, medium income development and our internationally acclaimed low income settlement programme.“The land itself was subject to approved valuation and sold at market value,” Ali said in his statement to the Stabroek News.Yesterday, leader of the Alliance For Change, Raphael Trotman, while stressing that he has no problems with the rights of officials to pursue their private goals, said that with increasing attention being paid to the issue, there should at least be some answers.Even more importantly is the fact that President Jagdeo, a top public official, is involved, and this should necessitate the urgency with which these answers are given.“The public has a right to know.”The AFC leader promised that his party would be forthcoming with another statement in the event that there are no answers to the issues being raised.Already, construction is in full swing with water, electricity and drains in place.Stabroek News in response to Minister Ali’s letter, had pointed out that the issue is not what the rules and procedures are, “but whether they were followed in this case. Was the land advertised publicly, for example,Equipacion Real Madrid Barata, and how was it allocated and valued?”The newspaper had also called in the Housing Ministry to issue a press release for the benefit of the public detailing the specifics of “what transpired in relation to the Sparendaam land in terms of tendering ((or the absence thereof), advertising, valuation, sale, etc, rather than the meaningless generalities he offers above”.


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    –?? ?Solomon says room soon for other stakeholdersThe Private Sector Commission ((PSC) yesterday lamented its exclusion from a Tuesday meeting between representatives of Linden and President Donald Ramotar discussing issues surrounding the Linden unrest which left three persons dead and put businesses at a standstill.The Linden community is being led by Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon,Air Max Canada, who invited to the meeting Parliamentarian Vanessa Kissoon, Nigel Hughes of the Alliance for Change, former Parliamentarian Aubrey Norton,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and? Dr Rupert Roopnaraine of the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity.The PSC said it was disappointed with Solomon and his team for objecting to its presence as observers to the discussions with President Ramotar on Tuesday.“By their refusal to embark on discussions in the presence of the Private Sector, the Regional Chairman and his team have denied the citizenry this opportunity and by extension, have refused to take a holistic approach which addresses all of the issues at hand, for all of the people affected,” the PSC stated.However, Solomon told Kaieteur News yesterday that the meeting was the continuation of a meeting that was adjourned,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, and hence he felt that the “injection of a new dimension” would have changed the mood and the general direction of the meeting.Solomon said that the private sector is one of the most important stakeholders in the country, and the objection to the presence of the PSC at the meeting should not be taken negatively.He said that he would be favourable to the inclusion of the private sector and other bodies, such as trade unions and the religious community,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys China, in future meetings.The PSC, in a blistering statement, said that meeting was called with the aim of bringing an urgent resolution to the Linden crisis, in a manner that encouraged open dialogue by “all” relevant stakeholders.The PSC said it was invited by the President “so that issues touching and concerning the private sector as a relevant stakeholder could have formed a part of the discourse.”“The PSC believes that in light of the repeated calls for open dialogue, impartiality and an independent presence in investigations and discourse, this was a perfect opportunity to involve non-political stakeholders in arriving at resolutions for the collective benefit of all those persons,Discount NFL Jerseys, citizens and entities affected by the events of the last two weeks,Cheap Jerseys From China,” the Commission stated.The PSC said that it believes the promises made by most political parties for non-political observers and an independent presence, have been abandoned or are being applied selectively.However, the PSC said that it will continue to press for fair and timely resolutions to all the issues arising out of the crisis at Linden.Particularly, the Commission said it is interested in political and social stability, economic development, law, order and accountability for “our” actions and representation of the interests of the entire Private Sector, particularly the Mining and Forestry Sectors that are experiencing grave hardships at the moment.The PSC said it hopes that open, all-inclusive dialogue on all the issues related to the events in Linden, by all the relevant and affected stakeholders can be embarked upon swiftly.“We should not confine our discourse on national issues to the political will of a few,” the PSC stated.


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    Child was once abandonedA father is being accused of running away with his child whom he once abandoned.The child,Mens Air Jordan Retro 3 Black Cement Grey 136064-010, three-year-old, Shemory Thorne, was left in the custody of his aunt, Shelly Liverpool, after hisBhevon Smithmother passed away last year.Liverpool explained that when her nephew was born,Air Jordan Pas Cher France, his father, Bhevon Smith,Air Max Pas Cher France, who was working in the interior, refused to provide financial assistance to raise him. She added that her sister would frequently plead with Smith for support since she already had three children to maintain.“Every time she called him, he keeps saying that he didn’t collect any money and that he will come–but he never did,” Liverpool added.She explained that after her sister was continuously pleading with the child’s father for him to visit his child, he eventually came a few times and the child learnt that Smith was his father and ‘got attached to him’.The aunt said that when her nephew born ‘another man’ had to sign for him.Liverpool lived at 595 ‘B’ Field Sophia with her family along with her mother and her sister’s children.The woman explained that Smith had been admitted at the hospital some time in December and when he came out “he came to us and asked if the child can spend Christmas with him. We sent him since he ((Smith) wasn’t well and then it was the baby’s first Christmas without his mother.”According to the woman,mlb jerseys china, since her sister’s death,China College Jerseys, her mother got attached to her sister’s children and now that Thorne has not returned home “my mother is sick with her pressure,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys,” the woman added.The aunt, along with the kid’s grandmother is now concerned since Smith does not have a home of his own.Shemory ThorneThey have tried their utmost to locate the two but every effort was in vain.The family believed that the man is staying at his sister who resides somewhere in La Grange, West Bank Demerara.A report was made at the Turkeyen and the La Grange Police Stations, and also to the Ministry of Human Service but there have been no answers as yet.


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