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    发改委:2013年我国天然气对外依存度已超过30% 中缅油气管道云南瑞丽站2013年7月31***起开始接收从缅甸向国内输送的天然气。图为排污设施。中新社发 杨雪梅 摄 中新网3月21***电 据发改委网站消息,近***,国家发展改革委印发《关于建立健全居民生活用气阶梯价格制度的指导意见》((以下称《指导意见》),注塑模温机品牌,决定在全国范围内推行居民阶梯气价政策。 据发改委介绍,我国天然气人均资源占有量不到世界平均水平的10%。随着经济和社会的发展,我国天然气消费持续快速增长,国内天然气产量已不能满足***益增长的市场需求,衡阳电锅炉,2013年对外依存度已超过30%。 但长期以来,我国对居民用气实行低价政策,一方面,居民气价明显低于工商业等其他用户价格,交叉补贴现象严重。居民生活用气具有不均衡的特点,不足20%的居民家庭消费了40%左右的居民气量,导致用气量越大的用户,享受的补贴越多,没有体现公平负担;另一方面,合肥电加热导热油炉价格,造成部分居民用户过度消费天然气。用气量最多的不足5%的居民家庭消费了近20%的居民气量,特别是加大了冬季用气高峰时调峰保供的压力。 据悉,阶梯气价制度是将用气量划分为若干阶梯,实行不同的价格。用气量越大,超过基本用气需求的部分,气价越高。这项制度将在保障绝大多数居民生活用气不受影响的前提下,引导居民合理用气、节约用气。与传统的单一气价相比,阶梯气价可以更好地兼顾效率与公平。 发改委表示,近年来,河南、江苏、湖南等地部分城市的实践证明,阶梯气价在引导节约用气、缓解供气压力等方面起到了良好的作用。因此,为鼓励居民节约用气,公平负担,促进天然气市场可持续健康发展,瑞安电锅炉,有必要在全国范围内建立健全居民阶梯气价制度。((中新网能源频道)


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    -police investigatingA Leonora businessman is counting his lucky stars after he was shot twice during a robbery attempt at Bushy Park,NFL Jerseys From China, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara,China College Jerseys, yesterday around 10:30hrs.Bissoondyal Seepersaud, 43, of Lot 19 Fourth Street,Site Air Max Pas Cher, Leonora, West Coast Demerara received two gunshot wounds to his right foot.Up to press time last night the injured man was receiving medical attention at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital.The police in a press statement said that investigations so far revealed that Seepersaud was driving motor lorry GMM 9253, with three male employees in the tray, when he stopped along the roadway to drink water.Injured Bissoondyal SeepersaudThere he was confronted by a lone gunman who demanded cash.? In the midst of the commotion, a motor car approached from the opposite direction and a man armed with a cutlass joined the man with the firearm.? The businessman resisted and was shot to his right leg.The incident attracted several passing motorists who stopped,Barry Larkin Jersey, forcing the two men to entered the motor vehicle and escaped. No one was arrested up to press time.Seepersaud yesterday told Kaieteur News that he was in company of his son and two workers on their way to Berbice to purchase rice.He admitted that he had a quantity of money in his possession,Fc Bayern Trikot G??nstig, but did not disclose the amount.Seepersaud explained that as he approached “the area with the tree in the middle of the road”,Discount NFL Jerseys, he stopped his truck with the intention of taking a drink of water. While doing so, he was confronted by a man whom he had seen sitting under the tree.“This guy start to walking towards the truck but before he reached the truck he stepped over the road and give a signal and then crossed back over.The businessman said that he didn’t assume anything “but as he reached where I was, he demand that I hand over the bag with the money.”He said that he resisted the man and that was when he was shot.Seepersaud said that he fell to the ground but the man was determined to get the bag with the money so he attempt to climb into the truck cabin to grab the bag but one of his workers pulled a piece of wood and struck him to his jaw and hip.Kaieteur News was told that after the gunman was struck,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, he fell from the cabin and onto the roadway. By that time a red Toyota Carina 212 Motor car stopped with two other men who were armed with cutlasses.He said that by this time, vehicles that were passing stopped causing the three men to escape in the motor car.One of the men, who stopped to his rescue, reportedly summoned the police.The businessman’s truckHe described the men as young men but did not get the time to look at the car’s registration number.The businessman said that he has been “doing buying and selling” business for a long time and would normally ply the same route.He thanked the people who came to his rescue and more so the staff at the hospital who were very cooperative.The businessman maintained that he was not “set up” the police are still continuing their investigations.


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    In wrapping up their activities for CARICOM Energy Week 2014 ((CEW 2014), the Guyana Energy Agency ((GEA) declared that the event was a success in keeping with the main thrust – to build awareness among various segments of the society across the Community about critical energy issues with a key focus on sustainable energy development at the national level.Under the theme “Achieving Climate, Environmental and Economic Resilience through Sustainable Energy” the agency kick-started its energy week activities locally with an in-house quiz two Fridays ago at the Cara Lodge. Two presentations were delivered to staff members titled ‘Sustainable Energy’ and ‘Energy Conservation and Efficiency Tips’,Air Jordan Pas Cher France, followed by the viewing of a Documentary on Sustainable Energy.Things got really exciting during the quiz segment as employees vied for one of the coveted prizes by answering questions which were based on the presentations made and the content of the Documentary. In the end, the Accounts Division was the overall winner carting off five of the ten prizes that were up for grabs.The aim of the activity was mainly to involve employees in the Energy Week celebrations as well as disseminate energy-related information. The in-house quiz paved the way for a school presentation on Monday November 17, 2014. Held in Bartica Region 7,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the fourth and fifth formers of ‘Three Mile Secondary School’ were the recipients of the presentation.Delivered in the form of viewing a ten-minute documentary followed by a power point on Sustainable Energy Initiatives, students were engaged in discussions on energy and energy-related issues, while being encouraged to practice energy efficiency and conservation. Key definitions were highlighted for example ‘Sustainable Energy’,Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China, ‘Energy Conservation’ and ‘Energy Efficiency’, among others.After the delivery of the presentation, students were encouraged to answer questions and tokens ((CFLS and T-Shirts) were distributed to those who answered correctly.School presentations are an ongoing component of GEA’s strategic plan and are aimed at providing students with a practical understanding of energy and energy-related issues, encourage interest, and behavioural changes, in relation to energy efficiency and conservation.On the heels of the proceedings, the Burrowes School of Art came alive with much excitement on Tuesday November 18th, 2014, as fifty-six ((56) Primary School students of grades 4-6 expressed their energy during the Poster Board activity.Aptly titled ‘Express your Energy’, this activity had in attendance students between the ages of nine to eleven ((9-11) whose enthusiasm could not be contained. Representing St. Margaret’s Primary, Marian Academy, St. Angela’s Primary and Winfer Gardens, the students were encouraged to convey their interpretation of energy efficiency and sustainability through artwork and pictorial illustrations. Ardently encouraged by their fellow team members, students expressed their interpretation of ‘The Power of Sustainable Energy’, ‘Think Act Save’, ‘Protect the Environment’ and ‘How to be an Energy Champion’.The activity was non-competitive, therefore, students were not judged or ranked based on their illustrations. Rather, each school was awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’, while each student ((and teacher) was awarded a token of appreciation as an honorary ‘Energy Champion’.The posters created during the activity will be displayed at the National Energy Forum at a date soon to be announced owing to the fact that it was postponed due to inclement weather.Held on Thursday November 20th, in the Essequibo Room of the Cara Lodge, a seminar titled ‘Taking Account of Energy Efficiency in Procurement’ was the next activity. The seminar was facilitated by Dr. Mahender Sharma,Jerseys NFL China, Chief Executive Officer of the GEA.The objective of the seminar was to stimulate dialogue, discuss and bring awareness to benefits of Energy Efficient Procurement and what it entails, while highlighting the Procurement Policy statement which states that ‘All public procurement of electrical appliances shall include, as part of the decision-making process,Manchester United Jersey Online Sale, an evaluation of the annual operating energy costs of the various electrical appliances’.Though specifically targeting Government Ministries and Agencies the seminar was also open to the private sector. Present at the Seminar were representatives from the following Ministries: Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport,Nike Air Max Salg, Human Services, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Amerindian Affairs and Home Affairs. Other participants included the Guyana Police Force, Bank of Guyana, Cyril Potter College of Education,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Guyana Revenue Authority and GuySuCo among others.The Agency also launched an Essay and Art competition during Energy Week. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of both activities will be announced in January 2015, and awarded their prizes.


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Since 2007, countries and territories have reported evidence of mosquito-borne Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Zika virus transmission.


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    –? Guyanese Women’s Roundtable By Jeanna Pearson They do not want to stand behind men anymore; instead they want to stand side by side in the decision-making process of Guyana’s local government system. Thus, ten women will be contesting for seats in the Georgetown municipality in the upcoming March 18 Local Government Elections.((from left) GWR members Dawn Braithwaite, Roslyn Wade,Hockey Jerseys From China, Dawn Stewart, Pamela Welch and Denise Mitchell.These women were encouraged by the Guyanese Women’s Roundtable ((GWR).The GWR is a non-governmental organization that advocates for female empowerment, women’s rights and protection of women and children.The GWR has been treading through the regions, encouraging women to take up active leadership roles and participate in the impending local government elections. Influence of women in the Guyanese politics and local government arenas has been little to none, with very few women stepping up in the country’s decision-making process.After 21 years, the long overdue Local Government Elections were finally set for March 18,China Jerseys Cheap, 2016. They were last held in 1994, despite the constitution clearly stipulating that they should be held every three years; the extensive delay due to reforms agreed to by the then People’s Progressive Party/Civic ((PPP/C) government and the People’s National Congress. The last bits of legislation were passed in 2015.The Guyanese Women’s Roundtable members,Fc Bayern M??nchen Fanshop, yesterday in a press briefing, voiced their concerns that women are failing to exercise their rights to partake in the decision-making process of the country. They indicated that women should build some confidence and move away from being the elector to being nominee.“Women in Guyana are the majority of voters, yet we fail to exercise our franchise thus reducing our capacity to leverage our power to change our lives and the lives of our families,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” said GWR member Roslyn Wade.She stated that the group, though limited by time,Bvb Trikot Kinder, is seeking to increase the number of women from various communities who are actively informed by and engaged in, local government decision-making.She said that the GWR believes that it is necessary that officials create a more inclusive municipal decision making system, which includes the participation of women from different communities in advisory committees, local agencies, boards, and commissions.She added that it is just as significant for women to demand a space at the decision making table and not sit “idly by as decisions are made that affect their lives and the lives of their grandchildren and great grandchildren”.The members said that some women lack the confidence needed to join in the arena of local governance. Dr Dawn Stewart said that even though women are good at voting and mobilizing people, they do not feel confident enough to hold a high position in local governance.She stated that most women would prefer to serve in positions where they have to deal with social activities and services related to care giving such as child care and nutrition.“It is very difficult to get them to occupy a position in management or leadership either because men would not let them or because they lack not only confidence but also the skills needed,” Stewart added.She said that most of them were preoccupied with taking care of their families. Hence, she posited that it was imperative for the group to develop detailed instruction action plans to target women in all regions and strengthen their self-esteem, thereby providing them with the necessary skills to be able to understand such local policies as budget, strategic plans, community development,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and community analysis.She said that women’s involvement in direct elections has been proven to exhibit a more open culture that is responsive to changing social realities and the grit of women to become a part of mainstream politics rather than merely earning a seat.She said the GWR believes that the performance of these women in the local councils will develop the perception about women’s ability to contribute in governance and produce results for their constituencies.She added that local governance is central to any strategy aimed at improving security and stability, and to prevent village disintegration.Thus, it is essential that unified local governments are formed and work toward representing the needs of their constituencies, while at the same time providing a platform for citizens to be involved in the planning, execution and monitoring of public service delivery, she said, adding that it was therefore imperative that women are represented in local governments and are coached to be successful leaders.She disclosed that the GWR will be hosting several issues forums in Regions One, Four and Seven so that the electors will be able to interact with the female contestants. She stated that the GWR refuses to limit themselves to recruiting only ten contestants and will continue to advocate? for more women to join them from the other seven regions and pave the way to representing their communities at the elections.“Not only do we want women but we want women that are qualified and know what is best to run their communities,” Stewart added.According to a statement from the GWR,Cheap Nike Shoes Free Shipping, women’s involvement in local government and advocacy could lead to the passage and or adjustments of several pieces of legislations and policies affecting women in the bigger picture.It stated that the activities of local government affect both men and women in ways that are fundamental to satisfying basic needs and quality of life, and that women are not privileged equal access to control basic services provided by local government because they continue to be under- represented in both political leadership and administration at the local level.Stewart said that it was imperative to understand the effects of an ineffective local government system and that impact it has on the lives of citizens. Therefore, she stated that it was also important to understand gender roles and responsibilities and promote its equality through the establishment of policies and programs.She said that establishing women’s group with a mandate to provide leadership increases women’s potential in political involvement and improve gender equality outcomes in local government.Local government elections will be held in nine towns and 62 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils ((NDCs).
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