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逼迫症可能会被误诊为抑郁症, 由于它跟抑郁症所表示症状类似。有些抑郁症患者也会呈现强迫症状,一些强制症患者也往往伴有抑郁症状。两者的辨别绝对难一些。







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    The new administration is upbeat about the significant find of oil by US exploration company,Cheap Jerseys, ExxonMobil, but warned yesterday that benefits will take a few years to come.President David Granger, Alliance for Change Executive Member Rafael Trotman and Minister of State within the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon with the crew of the ExxonMobil drill ship.Following Wednesday’s announcement by ExxonMobil, President David Granger yesterday led a team on a visit to the drilling ship, the Deepwater Champion, which is operating 120 nautical miles offshore Guyana.For years now Guyana has been talking about finding oil with its neighbours drawing down the black gold from their wells. However, two offshore attempts in recent years have come up empty, until this one by ExxonMobil.According to a Government statement of the President’s visit yesterday, the recent discovery of hydrocarbons, which indicates the presence of oil, would open enormous possibilities for Guyana from the likely windfall.“We are one of the Guianas, and it is a rich part of the world, in terms of rainforest, current, minerals,Authentic Nike NFL Gear, so?I am glad that we have opened the door; I am glad that you are a part of opening the door for us,” the President said of the US company’s find.Granger reiterated his earlier commitment, prior to assuming office, of the creation of aPresident Granger being briefed yesterday on the operations of ExxonMobil’s oil rig, the Deepwater Champion.Sovereign Wealth Fund which will hold the proceeds of revenues from natural resources and which will go towards benefitting the people of Guyana.Meanwhile, Minister of State in the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon, who was also on the trip, noted the level of enthusiasm on the rig itself because of the finding. He also assured that Guyanese will not be excluded from whatever wealth comes out of the venture.“We believe that good days are ahead for Guyana,” Harmon said.According to the statement, the Minister cautioned that “the time between an announcement and the use of that facility could very well be a couple of years.”Harmon stressed that the US company is very “bullish” about what they have found and remains confident that they have necessary investments to fully develop the well so that oil can be pumped.He said that Government is satisfied that ExxonMobil is doing what needs to be done and, whatever happens will redound to the benefit of the Guyanese people.“Guyanese people can all be assured that whatever comes out of the sovereign wealth ofExxonMobil’s oil rig, the Deepwater Champion anchored in the Stabroek block, 120 miles offshore Guyana.this nation… that they will be part of it; that they will benefit from it.”Also present was Alliance For Change executive member and former House Speaker, Raphael Trotman.ExxonMobil, on Wednesday disclosed that it has found a deposit of a “significant’ amount of oil in the Stabroek Block.? The company said this discovery was made in one of the two wells it dug, in the Liza-1 drill site which realised more than 295 feet of high-quality oil-bearing sandstone.In the released statement, President of ExxonMobil Exploration Company, Stephen Greenlee,? said,Wholesale MLB Jerseys Pro Shop, “I am encouraged by the results of the first well on the Stabroek Block…over the coming months we will work to determine the commercial viability of the discovered resource,Baseball Jerseys Nike From China, as well as evaluate other resource potential on the block.”According to the oil company, the well was “spud” on March 5, 2015. The well data will be analysed in the coming months to better determine its potential.The drilling, started under the previous administration, was almost a no-start after neighbouring Venezuela objected to ExxonMobil’s presence in the area.Venezuela is claiming a huge swath of Essequibo,Nike Air Max Salg, including a part of the international waters.The situation had seen ExxonMobil refusing to back down, saying that it has an agreement with Guyana and not Venezuela.Guyana has insisted that a Venezuela’s claim on a part of Guyana is null and void as it has been settled years now.Guyana’s other oil search attempts have not been without problems.In 2000, Surinamese gunboats ejected a rig hired by Canadian-owned CGX Energy with that country claiming it was in their waters. However,Uniforme Del Real Madrid 2018, Guyana had taken the matter to the world body, the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea ((ITLOS) which made an award in 2007,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Chine, allowing CGX to carry on its business.CGX well did not find oil in commercial quantities in the Berbice offshore concessions and a partnership in the Georgetown area with Spanish-owned Repsol also did not fare well.In 2013, Venezuela seized the RV Teknik Perdana vessel which was doing work for Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Inc.Venezuela claimed that the ship was in its waters. Guyana had refuted this, accusing Venezuela of bullying and threatening its security.A significant portion of foreign exchange spent by the country is on oil.


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    By Kristen MacklingamAs Guyana continues to gain international recognition in the areas of tourism and hospitality, the 13th Annual Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Development Conference ((STC 13) was officially opened Sunday evening at the Guyana International Conference Centre ((GICC).Under the theme “Keeping the Right Balance: Sustaining Our Resources” , regional and international tourism experts,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, specialists and international media representatives turned up in numbers to participate in the Caribbean’s most important gathering on sustainable tourism development in Guyana.Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation ((CTO) and Minister of Tourism and International Transport, St. Kitts and Nevis,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Richard Skerritt, said that Guyana has achieved much in the tourism sector.This is the second occasion that Guyana is hosting the conference,Maglia Juventus Vendita, something that has not been done by any other of the 32 member countries.According to Skerritt, Guyana is the first country to have hosted this type of conference twice ((having hosted STC4) and that the world of travel and tourism has changed both dramatically and fundamentally over the past twelve years.“The fact that Guyana is the first country to welcome back STC is a strong indication in my opinion that what has not changed is Guyana’s commitment to the projection of sustainable use of its natural resources.“It is not by accident therefore that since STC4 Guyana has emerged as a leader in the world stage in the battle to reduce global carbon emissions. I believe it was the result of a deliberate decision by the leadership of this proud country to stand up and be counted in the global fight against the vast extremes of climate change and of course to lead by example,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys,” said Skerritt.He explained that while critical fiscal challenges confronted the region, Guyana could have succumbed to the temptation to expand the extraction of timber and other resources from its vast rainforests for economic gain.However, recognizing the long term negative impact of deforestation,Tottenham Home Shirt 2018/19, Guyana has been convinced that it should not be forced to choose between short term development priorities and climate change, the CTO Chairman said.“Even with the scary storm clouds of recession still hovering in our region and the loud insistent calls including from the IMF and other good friends that we must get our economic houses in order quickly, the Guyana Government still chose to protect virtually its entire 40 million acres of rainforest.”Skerritt continued to explain that Guyana’s initiatives with regards to biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and climate change efforts,NFL Jerseys From China, are yet another example that the Caribbean can lead the world.“Guyana’s decision to better manage its vast forest resources and to be responsible in its development strategy is attracting more and more attention in the world especially the adventure tourism markets.”He emphasised that responsible tourism is good for business as tourism is the leading “money earner” for many Caribbean countries.“In order to appropriately address the essentials of economic growth and poverty alleviation each country should and must adopt a development strategy that is sustainable and in this regard Guyana is a leader”, added Skerritt.Guyana’s Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce ((ag) Irfaan Ali, stated that sustainable tourism,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, sustainable development and environmental management are pivotal in the field of tourism.These aspects, coupled with creating the right balance between economic development and nature, have become some of the most crucial and important global issues especially within the Caribbean, he said.He said that Guyana is on the positive trajectory towards sustainable development with the future of the country being defined in the Low Carbon Development Strategy ((LCDS) as one that seeks to balance economic developments and aspirations with global environmental prudence.During the three-day conference a number of discussions will take place concerning many themes that are critical to sustaining ecotourism and development.While emphasizing that the Caribbean countries have a lot to offer, Ali explained that collectively, more can be done if these countries continue to work together to achieve these goals.“In the Caribbean tourism is too big to fail and singularly we are too small to compete thus our hope and recommendations are to utilize time and energy to move towards an integrative marketing plan for our entire region creating the perfect blend for each our advantage thereby creating a sustainable product.”Minister Ali added that the strategic location of Guyana opens up wide opportunities for the rest of the Caribbean, opportunities to benefit from the large markets in South America and from the European Union. Already Guyana presents a water and land link to both Suriname and Brazil.He urged the delegates and observers to assess the country as a destination that can create opportunities for the rest of the Region.He added that in the recent budget presentation at Parliament Buildings, tourism is highlighted to play a critical role in the future advancement of the economy of the country. This was supported by an increase in investments in the sector.Government is now engaging discussions to create greater public and private partnerships so as to build and expand tourism product((s) in Guyana.


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    大厂家停产致供应短缺 禁塑前塑料袋狂涨价
本报记者 雷声摄 “限塑令”公布之后,塑料袋生产厂家有的忙着转向,有的意存观望,有的甚至索性停产清算,所以,与大多数人估计的相反,春节后市场上塑料袋的行情飞涨。



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    As the murder trial of Shawn Richardson continued yesterday before Madame Justice Dawn Gregory, the defence and prosecution made their final submissions as the voir dire was concluded yesterday.Richardson is accused of killing Enterprise taxi driver Vivekanand Nandalall between October 2003 and March 2004. Prosecutors Judith Gildharie-Mursalin and Konyo Sandiford are representing the state. Attorney at law Clarissa Riehl, in association with Emily Proctor, is representing the accused.Following the testimony of retired Deputy Superintendent Alwyn Wilson last week, the trial went into a voir dire, which is a trial within a trial.The defence is challenging that a caution statement which was allegedly given by the defendant was forcefully taken. However the prosecution is strongly contending that the statement was given freely, without force or threat.The judge is expected to rule on the admissibility of the caution statement on Monday.On Wednesday, last, the defendant gave sworn evidence. He was cross examined by prosecutor Gildharie-Mursalin,Maillot Psg Pas Cher 2018, then re-examined by his lawyer.Assistant Superintendant Kevin Pilgrim was the second person called to give evidence. He was also cross-examined by prosecutor Gildharie-Mursalin. The last witness was prison officer Michelle Lewis.? She was cross-examined by the prosecution then re-examined by the defence.Last week Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, Paul Kawall, was called to give his evidence in chief.According to Kawall, on October 17,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, 2003, he was the duty officer at the Vigilance Police Station, when he received a telephone call. The court was told by Kawall,BVB Ausw?rtstrikot 2018/19, that he and a party of policemen went to the Annandale Railway Embankment where they found an abandoned car.He detailed certain aspects of his role in the investigation and was cross-examined by the defence.Following Kawall on the stand was retired Deputy Superintendent Alwyn Wilson, who spoke about contacting the defendant, Shawn Richardson.According to Wilson, he showed the accused a picture of the victim, to which he replied, “this is the man and I gun tell yuh wha I know”.Richardson,Arsenal Fc Away Kit, he related, was asked if he wanted to put what he knew in writing and he accepted that option.Wilson said he took out an A182b form ((Caution Statement) and headed up the defendant’s information. Richardson, according to Wilson, then gave him a story to which he made note of.After taking the information the caution was read to the accused and he accepted it, Wilson told thecourt. He said that the caution was taken in the presence of Assistant Superintendent Cosbert who signed as witness. Richardson also signed the statement afterwards.Wilson told the court that at no time, before,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, during or after were any threats used. The court then conducted the voir dire.Two Tuesdays ago Station Sergeant Geoffrey Tate, Assistant Superintendent Michael Kingston and Police Photographer Osmond Semple all gave their evidence in chief.The first witness to give evidence was Nandalall’s uncle, Heeralall Kishore. The man testified to certain aspects of the kidnapping and the ransom which was paid by the relatives who pooled their financial resources.Basmattie Nandalall, one of the victim’s cousins,Atletico De Madrid Tienda, and Lance Corporal Elroy Masau were also called to testify.On March 12, 2004, a GuySuCo field supervisor found Nandalall’s skeleton,Arsenal Fc Jersey 2019, with one bullet hole to the skull, about a mile and a half south of the Bachelor’s Adventure Squatting Area.


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    Besides providing the Guyanese public with top notch telecommunications service, DigicelKeri HilsonGuyana has proved that they can be great entertainers. Patrons on Friday night got every cent of their money’s worth at the fifth anniversary concert held at the National Stadium.Revelers got a chance to see up close and personal Grammy-award winning singer Keri Hilson, legendary Reggae band Morgan Heritage and Jamaican artiste I-Octane.First to hit the stage on Friday night was local group X2. Artistes Jomo and Adrian belted out their tunes and revelers were singing along.? It must be noted that unlike some other shows, in the past the concert on Friday night got off to an early start.Next on stage was Jamaican sensation I-Octane. His performance was what some are calling “good vibes”.? His performance lasted for about 45 minutes. After he was done patrons were placed into a party mood by Entertainers Garwin and Casual. A few lucky persons got a chance to win free credit as the two called out “top up” card numbers.It was just around midnight when the American superstar’s team was seen preparing the stage for her arrival. The microphone was handed over to Hilson’s personal DJ,Jerseys NBA China, who did not fail to get the crowd hyped.About fifteen minutes later,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Hilson who was dressed in a sliver blazer and black bobby shorts came from behind stage. Loud cheers of approval were heard. Hilson began her performance by thanking the mega mobile company for bringing her to South America for the first time.Hilson began singing a few of her top selling songs which got great approval from the crowd. The singer’s back up dancers had a few men in the VIP section screaming to the top of their voices. Guyanese got a chance to really experience a “true diva” concert. In all Hilson spent about 1hr on stage. Next on the card was Morgan Heritage.Morgan Heritage, formed in 1994 made its first appearance at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. The band was subsequently signed by MCA and released its debut album ‘Miracles’ the same year. The group started their performance by doing one of its signature songs “She’s still loving me”. The group’s performance was enjoyed from beginning to end.Morgan Heritage has something very few bands have,Jerseys NFL China, “control over the audience.” The group knows what the people want and never fails to deliver. Revelers in the crowd were singing along–word for word.? Their performance lasted for more than an hour and patrons were very satisfied.Morgan Heritage started working? with famed reggae producers Bobby Dixon and Lloyd James, resulting in the release of the critically acclaimed second album Protect Us Jah ((1997),Man Utd Away Kit 2018/19, followed by One Calling ((1998), and the spiritually-inclined Don’t HaffiDread ((1999). They have released three compilation albums by “The Morgan Heritage Family and Friends”, and a live album,Air Max 90 Outlet Italia, Live in Europe!, recorded on their 2000 tour. Following the release of their 2001 album More Teachings…Morgan Heritage toured Europe again, and they have returned several times since.The sixth studio album, Three in One, came out in 2003. They have released two successful DVDs, “Live In London” and “Live Over Europe 2003”, and the seventh studio album Full Circle was released in 2005. The latest album, Mission In Progress,China Jerseys Cheap, was released on April 15, 2008. It includes the singles “Faithful” and “Raid Rootz Dance”.Morgan Heritage has worked with many of the top reggae bands and DJs of today including Capleton,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Junior Kelly, Luciano, Gentleman and Beres Hammond.Hilson began her music career as a songwriter, penning tracks for several artists in the mid-2000s as part of the five-person production and songwriting team, The Clutch. In 2006, she signed a recording contract with Timbaland’s record label, Mosley Music.In 2009, Hilson released her debut studio album, In a Perfect World…, which debuted at number four on the Billboard 200, and spawned the hit singles “Knock You Down” and “Turnin Me On”.


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    武汉一化肥厂散异味熏居民 厂方称“无毒无害” 连***来,江夏区乌龙泉车站街的居民反映,相邻的化肥厂生产时散发出臭味,非常难闻,吕梁反应釜油加热器,令人作呕。该化肥厂接受记者采访时称,这些是由猪粪、牛粪发酵而成的有机原料,铜陵导热油加热炉,都是从外地发酵后运回搅拌,异味“无毒无害”。 化肥厂附近一年有半年臭 26***,记者来到江夏乌龙泉车站街,见湖北中化东方肥料有限公司(下简称“东方肥料”)的北边和东侧数十米之外,就是一排排民房。记者在厂区门口,并未闻到什么气味。“东方肥料”大门前大片空地上,磷酸一铵、氯化钾原料堆放有一人多高。 家住车站路10号的刘女士对记者说:“一年就有半年臭,就怕(化肥厂)生产时刮南风。”据介绍,在2009年“东方肥料”搬来之前,乌龙泉车站街的空气非常清新。记者了解到,在“东方肥料”周边有二三十户居民。居民张先生说,每当气温升高时,“东方肥料”散发的土臭味就重一些,下雨或不生产时,就闻不到这种气味。 厂方称异味“无毒无害” “东方肥料”公司相关负责人接受记者采访时表示,该公司生产化肥所使用的无机原料,主要有尿素、氯化铵、磷酸一铵、氯化钾等,均无刺激性气味;居民反映的异味,应是有机原料,包括氨基酸有机料、安琪有机料及猪粪、牛粪发酵而成的有机料。 据介绍,这三类有机原料均来自武汉的秸秆、畜禽粪便等农业和养殖业废弃物,衡水模温机价,且都是在乌龙泉以外的基地发酵后运输回乌龙泉厂区。该负责人表示,氨基酸、酵母气味均为香味,猪粪、牛粪发酵的有机料散发的气味只能算异味,且无毒无害。该负责人表示,今年公司投入500万元技改,石嘴山冷水机组设备,包括仓库密封等多项改造,将来异味会更少。 江夏区环保局相关负责人表示,居民反映的异味,主要是有机料在生产过程中散发出来的,已要求厂方在生产时加强封闭,原料堆放远离居民区,居民如发现异味可向环保局举报。 相关的主题文章:


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    The straw that broke the camel’s back forced a frustrated woman to physically subdue a drunken,Jerseys NFL China, abusive neighbour who claims to have powerful connections.The man who is known to be verbally abusive and a constant spectacle in the neighbourhood was subdued and tied to a veranda until police arrived after he entered the woman’s yard at Third Street, Land of Canaan,Arsenal Fc Away Kit, East Bank Demerara,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Destockage, yesterday.The man,China Jerseys Wholesale, who was identified as Anil Roberts and was heavily under the influence of alcohol,Mens/Womens Air Jordan 11 GS Velvet Heiress Black/Metallic Gold-White 852625-651, first pelted the woman’s house and then entered her yard in a rage to attack her.The frustrated woman decided to take matters into her own hands after repeated calls for police assistance initially proved futile.Yesterday while the man was hurling abuses at her,Nike Air Max Salg, she grabbed him and tied him up,Nike Air Max Wholesale Ireland, a move that cooled him off until the cops arrived to take him into police custody at the Timehri Police Station.
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