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such a fragile mind has such a strong life, incredible!

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    – state of wreckage delays extraction of bodiesBy Keeran DannyDead: Blake Slater and Dwayne JacobsThe bodies of missing pilot,Scarpe Nike Air Max Scontate, Blake Slater and cargo loader, Dwayne Jacobs were discovered by Guyana Defence Force troops after 07:00hrs yesterday morning among the wreckage of the Trans Guyana Airways 700 Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS, 5.4 km south-southwest of Olive Creek in the Mazaruni Jungle.The pilot’s body was found in his seat.According to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority ((GCAA), the bodies have not been recovered. The extraction process is a meticulous one because of the state of the wreckage and risk of fire.The team comprising one officer and nine ranks will continue the extraction process today.Troops,Wholesale Jerseys, equipped with chainsaws and other necessary cutting tools had to clear virgin forest of tall trees ranging from 75-ft to a 100-ft in the swampy, hilly terrain along the one-mile stretch from where they rappelled in on Saturday to access the wreckage.They were tasked with clearing a helipad to facilitate the extraction of the bodies. This was done about 100 metres away from the crash site. The soldiers would have to cut the aircraft to remove the bodies.According to an individual close to the operation, the troops would utilize the helicopter to transport the bodies to Olive Creek,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, following which they would be transferred to a caravan destined for Georgetown.The troops are expected to come out of the interior today.? They are not responsible for recovering the wrecked plane. The investigators would have to go in and inspect the crash site.Trans Guyana Airways ((TGA) and the GCAA informed the relatives of the deceased early yesterday morning of the discovery and confirmed their worst fears.In an interview with this publication yesterday, Sean Jacobs related that his brother, Dwayne Jacobs, was employed with TGA for about 10 years and made regular trips in Guyana’s interior. Following the news of Jacobs’ demise,Clearance NCAA Jerseys, Sean cleared his brother’s locker at TGA and made a comforting discovery.“I found a prayer sheet in his locker and I am comforted by the fact he had accepted God before his death…At least I know God was with him when the plane was going down…I always tell my brother what my mother tells me; to keep God close and love God because he will protect you and be with you.”Sean related that since the news of the missing plane and crew on Saturday, it had been a difficult and confusing time for family members who longed to hear “something or anything” about both men. He said in a sense, the worst was known,Wholesale Jerseys China Shop, but everyone was hoping and praying that the outcome would have been positive.The Jacobs’ surrounded by close friends and a Pastor, were engaged in prayer sessions for the well being of Dwayne and Slater over the weekend.With pain in his voice Sean said, “It was a hard way to go but die you must…I tell my mother death is a must…Mommy taught us to pray and that is the way to God.” He noted that his mother is not taking the message lightly.Meanwhile, the parents of Slater do not live in Guyana. He resided with relatives. Slater worked with TGA for about three years. ?He had been flying in Guyana for quite some time, and completed the requisite minimum of 200 flying hours under supervision before being certified to fly in the interior.When contacted, Slater’s cousin, Tracy Vieira, was understandably unable to speak to the media.On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of LIAT,Camiseta Real Madrid Champions, acting Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Julie Reifer-Jones expressed deep regret over the death of the two persons.“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the captain and his lone passenger who both perished in the crash,” Mrs. Reifer-Jones said.On Saturday, at approximately 10:56hrs,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale, the Air Traffic Control Tower received a report from another Trans Guyana’s aircraft that the company’s Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS reported going down after takeoff from Olive Creek aerodrome on a shuttle operation between Olive Creek and Imbaimadai.The body immediately activated the rescue coordination centre at the Air Traffic Control Tower, Timehri. The pilot who reported the aircraft’s distress was only able to hear the latitude coordinates of the airplane. This allowed the authority to plot an approximate position where the plane had crashed.The airplane’s emergency locator beacon was not triggered and no smoke emanated from the site. As such, the exact location of the plane was unknown on Saturday evening when the search ended for the night.


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    …say Christmas looks gloomyMore protest action was the scene at City Hall yesterday; this time it was municipal nurses demanding the immediate payment of salaries owed to them over a five-month period.At least two nurses who commenced services with the Mayor and City Council in August last,NFL Jerseys China, are yet to receive payment from since then. The nurses who perform midwife duties are stationed at various health facilities in southern city communities. They were supported by several of their co-workers who protested in solidarity. The nurses staged their action in the City Hall parking lot; facing the office of the Town Clerk, who, according to them ((nurses), is refusing to sign off on their payments.Shandra Hanover said she has been in the medical profession since 1981. The senior nurse said she had earlier retired from the post as midwife,Maillot Coupe Du Monde 2018 Officiel, but had returned to the job given the shortage of nurses. Sharon Chase said she too had started out in the medical profession since 1987, but had worked with various medical agencies in different capacities, until joining the municipal nurses.Nurses protest in solidarity with colleagues, Sharon Chase ((left) and Shandra Hanover ((second from left)They both stated that in August they came onto the job, but to date there has been no payment. The women said they have made inquiries but were unable to get a definite answer. Hanover said that questions related to their payment were posed to the Council’s Personnel Department,Wholesale Nike Baseball Jerseys, but they were told that the money have to be approved.The medical workers said they also went to the Ministry of Labour since October and an individual named Mrs. Williams had promised to help. They said they were advised by the Ministry not to stay away from the job since they could be recognized as leaving the job. However, to date there has been no response on to the matter from the Labour Department.Other nurses who used their lunch break to express solidarity with their co-workers described the treatment of the nurses as “unreasonable and depressing.” One nurse said that the non-payment could have happened to any one of them and it is unfair to workers who would have put time and effort into learning their trade.“We are trained to do our jobs in a professional manner and we must be paid,China Jerseys, because we have families to take care of and lives to live,Nuova Maglia Juventus 18/19,” another nurse stated. It was expressed further that the nurses at yesterday’s exercise are those who service communities such as Albouystown, Festival City and other depressed areas that desperately need the already inadequate service that is provided.Both Hanover and Chase said that it is very difficult functioning without their salaries. When asked about bills and Christmas preparations, “They ((bills) are backing up,” Hanover responded,Maillot Psg 2019 Pas Cher, while Chase expressed concern over being able to bring Christmas cheer to her family.The unpaid nurses said they are not contemplating leaving the job because they love what they do and the areas they serve are desperately in need of it. They had mentioned also the overtime and extra effort that they are putting into their jobs, especially during the recent flood which delayed service and caused a back-up in patients.Mayor Hamilton Green explained that his understanding of the matter is that the payments for the nurses have been on the Town Clerk’s desk for some time, having been sent there by the Council’s Treasurer’s Department. He said information from the personnel department is that in the hiring of the nurses, all procedures were followed and the nurses were “duly” employed. He said the Council’s Health Department has a shortage in medical workers and vacancies were available. The Treasurer’s Department approved the payments, but the Town Clerk is yet to sign off.When media personnel sought a comment from the acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba,Wholesale Jerseys, at her office, her personal security, informed that she was unavailable.This is the second set of protest action outside of City Hall. Union members had for two days shut down city markets among other municipal arms when they were not paid their five percent increase. An emergency meeting brought an end to those protests when it was decided that the workers have to be paid. The nurses have promised, however, to forfeit their lunch break in support of their colleagues until they are paid their salaries.


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    The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board ((NPTAB) is operating with only six board members,Cheap Air Max Canada, instead of the required seven,BVB Ausw?rtstrikot 2018/19, and filling the vacancy has been unsuccessful, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing.He was at the time responding to a query about the composition of the NPTAB, which is responsible for awarding multi-million-dollar Government contracts.The Minister of Finance is responsible for appointing all seven members of the NPTAB – not more than five persons from the public service and not more than three from the private sector – after consultation with their respective organizations.According to Dr. Luncheon, since the departure of one of the private sector nominees, the seven-member board was reduced to six.“I am aware that six members do not prevent a quorum from being established….I cannot say what efforts have been made ((to appoint a new member)…I must admit because the situation persists, as far as I know,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, filling that one vacancy continues to be unsuccessful,Jerseys From China, but six of the seven-member board is in place,Air Jordan Pas Cher France,” he said.Meanwhile, on Wednesday,Jerseys Wholesale, Cabinet gave its no-objection to the award of several contracts that were approved by the NPTAB. They are as follows:SectorsProject Contract Value Min. of Housing and WaterInfrastructural Development at Prosperity, E.B.D$80.07MMin. of Housing and WaterInfrastructural Development at Little Diamond and Great Diamond, E.B.D in two Lots$827.6MMin. of Housing and WaterInfrastructural Development in Lust-en-Rust$202.9MMin. of Housing and WaterUpgrading of roads in Region Four$596.8MMinistry of Local Govt. and Regional DevelopmentRehabilitation of sections of Burma Branch Road$19.5MMinistry of Local Government and Regional DevelopmentRehabilitation of the Regional Integrated Office,Camiseta Real Madrid Tienda, Guyana Revenue Authority Building which was destroyed by fire on July 18, 2012 in Linden$27.6M


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    四川若尔盖草原泥炭沼泽逐渐萎缩 沙丘面积扩大
若尔盖辖曼乡文戈村,流动的沙丘。每年,县林业局都会对全县草原沙化状况进行普查,每次都有新的土地被纳入沙化名单,就像在土地上不断揭开新的伤疤。 南都记者 杨传敏 摄 若尔盖县林业局的甲央指着一片沙丘说,“去年它还在网栏外,今年就‘跑’到了里面”。 南都记者 杨传敏 摄 若尔盖草原上这样裸露出来的沙坑随处可见。 南都记者 杨传敏 摄 丘巴从含沙层中取出的饮用水,有股铁锈味。 南都记者 杨传敏 摄
第8期 元年行动
南都记者 杨传敏 发自四川若尔盖
统筹:李召 杨传敏
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